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RWB 993 Lapping Day

The gang at Car Porn Racing take their AirREX and AccuAir bagged Porsche 993 out for a day at the track and try to get her to slide.

Best of Low: Julien Dupont's MK6 Golf

When blood, sweat and tears are mixed with raw metal and passion, the results can be extremely rewarding. Julien Dupont spent much of this summer building his 2011 Golf 2.5 Sportline to a level that was noticed not just locally, but internationally. At first, Julien wasn’t too sure if he wanted to buy a standard GTI or a fully equipped Golf. What sealed the deal for him was the 2.5L […]

The Traditions Of Art: Ian King's Porsche 993 RWB

Winston Churchill once said: “Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse.”  Ian King from Car Porn Racing in the Philippines eat, sleep and breathe this mantra and it’s no more apparent than in their flock of bagged RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF Porsche 911s. The importance of the tradition of the 911 legacy is something that Ian used to create a new work […]

Cold Forged: Cobey Bingham's Skyline V35 350GT

Photos via Byron Hayes Whenever a monster surfaces from the sea to take over a coastal city, people usually think of Japan. In order for Cobey Bingham to get a taste of destruction into the Gold Coast of Australia, he had to import his mini Godzilla straight from the motherland.Struggling to pay his bills in school, Cobey had to scrape by eating a lot of noodles before he picked up […]

Enter the Light: Donald Greenberg's Subaru STi

Breaking boundaries and stereotypes is never easy.  When Donald Greenberg picked up his 2010 Subaru STi he quickly realized that before earning any kind of respect he had to deliver something very unique.Although it’s becoming easier and easier to find an off the shelf air suspension solution for your Subaru, the market is still so fresh that it sometimes calls for a different approach to doing things.Donald’s drive to kiss […]

Micro VIP: John Norman's Toyota Corolla

It’s not often that you see a literal grocery getter that takes everything you thought you knew about parking hard and throwing it out the window. John Norman’s bagged 2008 Toyota Corolla is doing exactly that. Moving to Buckeye, Arizona from Hacienda, California nearly 6 years ago, John had no plans to modify his Corolla as he works as a sales representative for Pepsi and used his car to do […]