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Afterfest 2014 Trailer

The official Waterfest after party is back for 2014! Afterfest showcases 100 of the best rides of Waterfest in a night long event filled with a judged show & shine competition, night burnout competition, and limbo competition. July 19, 2014 @ Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ Powered by APR – Music: Young Cesar (ft. DICE) – Vdub, Audi, Porsche [HQ] Afterfest 2014 Trailer from AirSociety on Vimeo.


Waterfest & Afterfest 2013 by Flipzco

Flipzco heads out to Englishtown, NJ not just for Waterfest 19, but to find out what all the rumors about Afterfest were all about. They didn’t leave disappointed!


Afterfest 2014 by Los Goonies

The Goons hit up Afterfest at Waterfest 19. Afterfest Organized by AirSociety and Eurokracy was an awesome event, they brought back life to Waterfest. It is an event that should be organized every year. Plain and Simple Cant wait till H2Oi!


Afterfest 2013: The Official Waterfest Afterparty

Introducing Afterfest: The Official Waterfest Afterparty Afterfest brings the excitement of the hotel parties to Raceway Park, with lots of events, activities and giveaways on the night of July 20, 2013. Here are some of the things you can expect to see at Afterfest: DJ Burn-out All Euro Drag Race Shootout Dyno Limbo Contest Show Car Invitational Spirit of Afterfest And Much, Much More! Visit for detailed info on […]


A while back we posted a video shoot by Kenny Cano about a bagged Imola Yellow 20th Anniversary GTI, little did I know that 3 months later I’d be face to face with it at Waterfest. While walking around the the show grounds, I caught a glimmer of yellow, white and pink out of the corner of my eye.  I made a bee-line sprint to take a closer look and […]

Teachin' You How to EMKAY3

Mike Robles from NJ can be proud of his achievement this year of bringing back home the second place trophy for Best MK3 Jetta of the 17th edition of Waterfest. As I was talking with him last month about a possible AirSociety feature, Mike was down but didn’t have any pics up for us just yet. Next thing I know, Mike and my partner Rick met up in New Jersey […]