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Less is More: Edward Anderson's Mercedes 280SE

Photos via Ron Rauto – @RonRauto Stepping foot onto the warm beaches of California with the blazing sun pounding overhead, Edward Anderson was deep in thought. Having left his prized Mercedes back home in Australia when he moved to America, the sane solution for Edward was to replace it. with another Mercedes! After many tedious hours of searching through dealer lots, Craigslist ads, eBay auctions and tons of other dead […]

Double Trouble: Chris and James' MK4's

Chris Mann happens to be in his early twenties, is serving his country in the US Navy, is married, and is a father of a lovely baby girl. His passion for life is only matched by his passion for cars to which his wife and twin brother always keep pushing each other to better themselves. The passion for driving low started with his boys and their Norfolk crew called Volks&Rings […]

Bagged Mercedes 300D W115 Wallpapers

Yesterday we showcased Randy Letkeman’s 1976 Mercedes 300D and brought forward the hard work involved in building this one of a kind W115. Giving back to you our readers is something we love doing, so we put together these fine wallpapers for everyone.  Enjoy!

Canadian Greenback: Randy Letkeman's W115

The sight of money is known to have a huge psychological effect on people.  Simply catching a glimpse of a crisp $100 bill stimulates something deep down that is unexplainable to most.  Randy Letkeman’s 1976 Mercedes 300D stimulates this same primal urge but manages to take it to a whole new level.Calling Kitchener, Ontario his home, this Canadian innovator has very different plans for his Mercedes when he first picked […]

It's a GTI Thing

  Many people still don’t get the whole roof rack, mix matching wheels and other themes going on in the dub scene but at the end of the day it remains a question of styling and personal taste.  By catering to his own tastes, Matt Wobbleton’s 2006 GTI is one of the freshest looking players in the game.I know that feeling of coming home to the wife and being asked: […]