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In effort to escape from a heist, our lead makes his way to XPOZE to give his ride a new color scheme.

Is This the End? H2Oi 2014 Event Coverage

Photos & Words via O’Neil Castro – @Cassetrop After 10 years of making the 14 hour drive from Montreal, Canada to Ocean City, Maryland, the 2014 edition of H2O International had to be one of the worst in memory.What used to be the Mecca of Volkswagen and Audi automotive events, the main strip is now overcrowded with many non-European cars. Drift cars, beaters, and a whole heap of Japanese and […]

Born and Raised: Jesse James' 2013 Passat TDI

Photos via Andrew Grossmann 13 years ago in a small garage just outside Montreal, Canada, a group of best friends had just graduated high school and picked up probationary drivers licenses. With limited budgets, this group of enthusiasts made the same move and each picked up a Honda Civic EF’s.Toms Motorsport coilovers were ordered for all and were custom cut and installed on every car. Starting to turn heads wherever […]


Julep Tuesdays by Alex Miglierina

Tuesday nights in Montreal, Canada are special for one reason: Julep Tuesdays. Once a week, hundreds of European automotive enthusiasts descend on the Orange Julep restaurant and show off their rides to the world. This past week, Alex Miglierina spent a few hours filming some of the baddest rides north of the border.

In a New York Minute: J.P. Parodi's B6 Passat

This week has been brutal for New Yorkers. Hurricane Sandy has blown through town and left her mark on the city that never sleeps forcing many people this morning to adapt to a cityscape that has changed drastically from what they’re used to. J.P. Parodi is one of these New Yorkers, and while we wish him the best with this morning’s clean up, we make sure to examine the ride […]

Presidential Swag: Haavard Bakken's Passat CC

For a while now, I’ve been impatiently waiting to see a proper Passat CC. After seeing Haavard L. Bakken from Drammen, Norway ride, I could definitely say that my wait has come to an end.Last year Haavard was zipping around in a static dropped MKV GTI on 19’s but that didn’t last long after he spent most of his spare time fixing his rattled back after each trip around the […]