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Tags archives: numatics

Frosty the Snowman

Today’s showcase ride belongs to James Sokol, a man who’s seen a ton of euro events in his lifetime. If you haven’t heard of him before you’ve probably seen some pics of his floating about on various online and paperback publications. James has hit up a ton of Euro events in the hopes of taking home top prizes. The last two years have seen his daily driven MK6 GTI take […]

The Unicorn

Ever since the days of old people have been chasing the elusive unicorn.  More than just a mythical beast, a unicorn represents the inner dreams and ambitions of a person that sometimes takes the shape of a physical object.  In John Williamson’s case, his white unicorn has been found and is sitting pretty in a bagged MK6 GTI. Bobby Aycoth from FL4T photography photographed this ride while taking a stroll […]

Dät Skünk

I remember when the MK6 Golf and GTI models were first released.  Many were skeptical if the changes over its predecessor were more than just a body styling upgrade.  I countered with the statement that in order to properly appreciate the upgraded platform it needed to be kissing the ground.  Enter Dan Gianfrancesco’s bagged hatch. The factory MK6 body lines flow perfectly and are only emboldened by shaving off the […]

Dawn of the Dead

Rising from the dead is something best left to witch doctors, rogue viruses & Mike Zimny. Back in August, Mike was keeping us up to date on the progression of his bag build in our forums when tragedy struck.  On his way to VagFair right after installing his air suspension setup he got into a fender bender, all was thought to be lost… Thankfully he worked his magic and in […]