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Tags archives: mk5

Matt Falcone's Portable Food Processor

A while back we showcased Matt Falcone’s MK5 GTI on Kleemann TS-7’s and boy were we happy to see him send us this video produced by Halcyon Photography. Taking a cruise down the mean streets of New York City has its advantages, namely showing off the parking height to the locals. Of course when your wheel setup is as killer as Matt’s is, you’re gonna get a ton of looks. […]

Sliced: Matt Falcone's MK5 GTI

Being different in the VW scene is becoming a more and more difficult achievement to reach.  When Matt Falcone set off making his 2006 GTI stand out, he got to experience this journey first hand.Starting like many of us did, Matt bumped and scraped himself around the Wayne, NJ streets slammed on coils for months before he had had enough and moved get it more practical.Calling Bag Riders to order […]

It's a GTI Thing

  Many people still don’t get the whole roof rack, mix matching wheels and other themes going on in the dub scene but at the end of the day it remains a question of styling and personal taste.  By catering to his own tastes, Matt Wobbleton’s 2006 GTI is one of the freshest looking players in the game.I know that feeling of coming home to the wife and being asked: […]

Less is More

It’s not always easy to remember the details of your childhood that made you who you are today.  The story of Arty Bolembakh and his bagged MK5 GTI began with a seed implanted in his mind at the age of 8 by a bunch of minitruckers.Folks in the trucking scene have been bagging rides long before the VW guys got their foot in the door so if you’re going to […]

Air by Robles

Our boy Mike Robles is best known to us for having a killer MK3 Jetta on BBS RS’ but to his friends he’s the local hero who bags cars on his spare time. Show our boy some love and check out this video put together by Gordon Yarboro.

Dowd Low

Eric Shell had a couple of hours to spare a while back and spent it filming his buddy Eric Dowd’s slammed MK5 Rabbit on Air Lift fronts and Bagyard rears. Makes you want to three wheel all day long!