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Tags archives: infiniti

Flossin on Vossen: Ayo Anderson's G25

Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, and Hong Kong.  Miami native Anthony Anderson (@ayo_vossen) has spent nearly the whole month of January hopping from airport to airport as part of the Vossen Wheels World Tour.  All that time in the sky might have done more for his appreciation of air than he was letting off because as soon as he landed on US soil, calls were placed to bag his 2012 Infiniti G25.Working […]


Ayo's Bagged G25 on Vossens

Ayo at Vossen spent a lot of time researching air ride before hitting up AirREX & AccuAir for the necessary hardware.  Check out his killer Infiniti G25 on a set of concave 20 x 10.5″ Vossen VVS-CV4 wheels.

ForjWorks Infiniti G35

It gets lonely sometimes on the Hawaiian Islands, thankfully ForjWorks is around to keep people busy.  Their latest Infiniti G35 AirREX install has a lot more going for it than just being low, the trunk setup is starting to get out of this world too! Read more about it here:

Dirty Gee

Have you ever sat back and wondered if all the beautiful cars you’ve come across on the web are actually daily driven or are they pure show cars? Stephen’s gorgeous G35 Sedan is one of those daily driven bagged rides on dishes! Let’s now take a look at Stephen’s favorite dinnerware, a huge rear dish from a 20×10.5” 0 offset JLine SLDMLSl served with a 20×8.5” front -11ET.  No side […]

The Boss

Larry Young from Atlanta, GA is showing the folks in the VIP scene that his 14 year old Infiniti Q45 has everything it takes to be classified as being very important. This Infiniti has a full Version Select body kit with JP Vizage trunk spoiler, JDM Nissan grill, JDM Nissan trunk badge and custom painted headlight housings.  Added to the exterior styling is a set of 20” AME FX rollers […]

Cherry Red Rolldown

It’s been a while since a truly original VIP ride has been showcased by AirSociety so today we bring it home with Jermaine Livingston’s Infiniti Q45. Holy camber Batman!  Jermaine definitely didn’t mess around when it came to tucking a set of  massive 19×10.5″ -10ET & 19×11.5″  -2ET Weds Kranze Christna rims behind that aggressively pulled front and rear fenders. The perfectly fitted rear wheels are best observed from behind.  […]