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Tags archives: garson

WickedbB '05 Scion XB

At first sight, one might think that this Scion XB is the same ride that we featured back in February but it isn’t.  Looking a lot like James’ XB, Colin’s black cherry pearl XB is unique all on its own. The twin XB from Hawaii nailed the dumped box look with the help of the Forjworks boys. What’s funny is that the owner Colin decided to begin his project with […]

Smitty's Ballerific M45

AirSociety is always proud to feature different types of aired out rides and this bagged VIP just screams “What’s Up?!” It all started when Smitty bought an M45 and turned it into a perfect cruiser to roll in the streets of Maryland with his HighSociety crew.  As I’m pretty confident that I am not the only one to have a weakness for VIP rides, Smitty’s ride gives me something even […]

Todd & Midori's Forjwork'ed XB

Just another beautiful day in Hawaii with some Scion XB madness… I am pretty sure not to be the only one to fall under the charm of these little boxes. Take per example this lovely one owned by Todd and Midori Suda from Maui, Hawaii. It’s has been transformed by the Forjworks team yet, another successful creation. Now don’t be distracted by the breath taking landscape and try to focus […]

Marshall Lum's Patron XB

INSERT BEAT : Yeah, uh huh, you know what it is Black and yellow, black and yellow Black and yellow, black and yellow That’s right, this is the perfect song to describe Marshall’s second generation XB. For those not knowing about Marshall Lum, he currently is the head installer/mechanic at Forjworks, a company that is well reputed for building custom quality parts down in Hawaii. Let’s now talk about this […]

Brandon's Liberty VIP'ed LS400

Most of you will agree with me when I say that AirSociety needed some VIP action. Well here’s one our VIP brothers Brandon up in Boston, MA showin off  his ’98 Lexus LS400 to the world. Brandon is part of  Liberty VIP, a fairly big crew from the USA that focuses on rides that tuck way too much rim. Now let’s talk about this  Ls400… Although most of the Japanese […]