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Tags archives: ford

Shark Attack: Rob Rabon's 2011 Ford Mustang GT

Words: Rob Raton Photos: Erik Breihof I’ve always had a thing for Mustangs, but every few years when I tried to buy one, it would fall through. When I saw the new redesign of the 2010 model, I really fell in love. Shortly after, I finally saw the specs on the new 5.0 Liter v8 for the 2011 model, and then I knew it was time to finally get a […]

Coppertone: After Hours Bikes' Rat Chopper

Photos via Tadd Fisher Nothing depicts the American dream better than cruising down the interstate with the sun’s orange glow reflecting off the horizon, and the sound of throaty carbs humming underneath you. This dream came to life thanks to a one of a kind creation by After Hours Bikes.Having always set goals of building unique, one-off bikes, this team of artisans set to work to capture the essence of […]

A Hint of Patina: Tim Rhode's 1930 Ford Model A Pickup

Photos via Chad Truss Photography The Ford Model A was the pinnacle of North American automotive perfection for the 4 years it was in production. When Greenfield, MN native Tim Rhode got wind that there was a 1930 Ford Model A shell lying around destined for scrap, he knew he had to rescue it and make it his own.Working full-time in a laser cutting shop has plenty of advantages, namely […]


Air Lift Performance: Air Suspension vs. Coilovers

When it comes to performance vehicles, one thing we can all agree on is that they look and handle better when they are closer to the pavement. However, we cannot seem to agree on HOW to achieve that lowered stance. Coil-over’s offer a low look and handling performance, but will leave you with a stiff back and scraping everywhere you go. Air suspension will give you a slammed stance and […]

Spider Wrecker: Mike Boyer's 1947 Ford Pickup

Mike Boyer has a thing for work trucks.  He owns a company that designs and builds strong sliding racks for fire trucks and has even built a fire engine hot rod for trade shows.  Naturally building a custom bagged 1947 Ford tow truck was right up his alley.  Photos by Chad Truss Photography, modeling by Cassie Sue.Mike’s focus on quality stems from years of hard work.  Wanting to get it […]

Custom Cobra: Philip Law's SVT Mustang

Powering down a freeway on a Sunday afternoon in a 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra has its advantages.  Not only was Philip Law able to test the power output of his car, but he knew that once he arrived at his destination he’d have a new set of pictures to hang on his wall back home.I’ve been a fan of his Mustang ever since he started posting pictures and specs of […]