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A Hint of Patina: Tim Rhode's 1930 Ford Model A Pickup

Photos via Chad Truss Photography The Ford Model A was the pinnacle of North American automotive perfection for the 4 years it was in production. When Greenfield, MN native Tim Rhode got wind that there was a 1930 Ford Model A shell lying around destined for scrap, he knew he had to rescue it and make it his own.Working full-time in a laser cutting shop has plenty of advantages, namely […]

Sliced: Matt Falcone's MK5 GTI

Being different in the VW scene is becoming a more and more difficult achievement to reach.  When Matt Falcone set off making his 2006 GTI stand out, he got to experience this journey first hand.Starting like many of us did, Matt bumped and scraped himself around the Wayne, NJ streets slammed on coils for months before he had had enough and moved get it more practical.Calling Bag Riders to order […]

Taylor'd to Perfection

If trucks could talk, Blair Taylor of Taylor’d Customs‘ 1957 Chevrolet 3200 would have one Hell of a story to tell.  This hauler has been transformed from a once peaceful farmer’s truck to a one of a kind pan scraping rust-o-rod in less than 30 days!It ain’t easy to take a ride built in an era where leaf springs reigned supreme and bring it to 21st century lows, especially when […]

Less is More

It’s not always easy to remember the details of your childhood that made you who you are today.  The story of Arty Bolembakh and his bagged MK5 GTI began with a seed implanted in his mind at the age of 8 by a bunch of minitruckers.Folks in the trucking scene have been bagging rides long before the VW guys got their foot in the door so if you’re going to […]

Gator Country

Florida is known for warm weather, nasty reptiles, and killer Volvos.  Calling Orlando his home, Matt Phillips from Just Stance has been terrorizing retirement communities with his bagged 1998 Volvo S70 for years. Modding a Volvo is a love hate story.  Owners often times have to slap on simple lowering springs, buy overpriced coilovers or ghetto rig hacked up suspensions together to get them to sit just right.  Pouring money […]

Merry Christmas

From our family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas everyone!  Thanks to all our readers, forum members and fans for making AirSociety your #1 resource for everything air suspension related.  Your involvement with the community is what inspires us to always do bigger and better things and for that we’re grateful. Have a very safe holiday season.  Much love. – Rick & Jesse Wallpaper version: