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Tags archives: acura

Event Coverage: First Class Fitment 2014

Words & Photos via Vinny Castrogivanni – Flickr Every year, thousands of enthusiasts descend onto an airport in Priceton, New Jersey for Canibeat‘s annual event called First Class Fitment. This year was unlike any other though.Out of the 4,000+ cars that apply to enter the show grounds, under 500 get accepted. With only a select number of cars being accepted into the show grounds, this means that only the cream […]

Event Coverage: Black 4 & Tuner Evolution 2013

The VIP car culture is best described with one word: “Black”.  The elegance and power of big body luxury cars adorned with curtains, neck pillows, champagne bottle and glass holders and other plush accessories is showcased annually at the Black VIP car show hosted by Luxury Abstract which, in 2013, coincided with Tuner Evolution at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.Hundreds of slammed, fitted, and luxurious rides stretched as far as […]

Art of Sex: Jerald Yutadco's Acura RSX

Building a bagged car can often times bring out a more laid back and relaxed side to a car. When Jerald Yutadco bagged his 2002 Acura RSX, all norms were broken.Growing up in Glendale, California taught Jerald a lot about how to think outside the box, and thinking outside the box is just what he did.When Jerald first picked up his bone stock RSX he knew he wanted to drop […]

The Mistress: Christoper Belviz' Honda Civic

Today’s feature all about Christopher Belviz’ secret lover Alexis, his 2009 Honda Civic.  Studying at San Jose State University but calling Santa Maria, California his home, Christopher works non stop to keep his mistress satisfied which is why he recently decided to give her some fresh legs.Most of us have the same disease to get our rides as low as possible however we all seem to take different paths to […]

Heisman: Patrick Inumerable's Acura TSX

Patrick Inumerable’s demonic Acura TSX is back with a new set of wheels and is looking meaner than ever.  This short clip filmed and edited by Mikal Soriano shows why this Hawaiian native is such a stand out at any car show he goes to.

It's Called Camburr Mr. Officurr

Built with style and swagger, Patrick Inumerable’s 2004 Acura TSX is definitely the type of car we love to showcase on AirSociety.  While some like to pull off this kind of look with static setups, Patrick preferred stepping up his game by bringing a bagged JDM-styled TSX to the scene.Living in Pearl City, Hawaii definitely has its perks and smooth roads are one of them.  Smacking potholes on his ride […]