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Four to the Floor: Unitronic's Audi A3

When a VW or Audi owner wants to go fast, Unitronic is there to deliver massive gains to stock rides. What was it that made them ditch their old coilover setup on this 2008 Audi A3 and opt for Air Lift Performance Series air ride? Time to dig deeper and figure it out.In the 6 years or so since I’ve been visiting the Unitronic headquarters, owners Mike S. and Mike […]

Unitronic Chipped Audi A3

Unitronic Chipped stopped by our forums earlier in the year to show us their project Audi A3 Air Lift build.  It doesn’t end with just the suspension though as a set of 19″ Rotiform BLQ, S3 body kit, and custom diamond stitched interior accent the rest of this whited out hatch back. Read more about it here:!

Bryan Dale's A3

Although winter is saying so long to North America and most people are happily awaiting the warmth of summer, Rob Ghaderi felt like he had to release a video about his buddy Bryan Dale’s 2007 Audi A3 on E-Level air ride that was filmed during the winter… Damn you! Luckily this video is just as sexy as his last film so no harm was done.

Only Air

What do you get when you put an aired out B5 RS4, A3 Sportback, and MK4 Bora together for an evening? You get this kick ass video! Filmed and edited by Stephen Brooks of the UK, this video is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Jason's Grounded A3

OMG is what came to my mind when I came across this beautiful Audi A3. I must admit, it’s probably one of the nicest I’ve seen so far. What sets it apart from the rest is its simplicity. Jason knows how to keep it clean and sexy! You’ve probably seen last week’s video on AirSociety, but up until now we didn’t have much more information on the car’s air ride […]

Jason Maglinao's Audi A3 Wagon

AccuAir on Jason Maglinao’s Audi A3 Wagon from Reno Heon on Vimeo. Jason’s Audi A3 Wagon just won the “Best Car on Air Suspension” chosen by the attendees at the Wuste 2010 Show in Las Vegas. This car is proof that hard work and determination can make your dream a reality. Jason came to the show with the AccuAir VU4 installed already and was saving up to buy AccuAir e-Level […]