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Bagged Yellow

najob in our forums shared this video of him and his buddies trying out a new camera rig. In the process of doing that Bojans car keys get stolen, they made a craigslist video ad, and Jill tried to Penguin Suit-up with Jonny. Good times yet again by Dub Allstars.

Nothing But Clio

Last saturday Paul Hicklin’s Clio was photographed for a feature on – while doing the photos Adam McPeake created this short video for us to see. Take a look at our feature of Paul’s ride to see how he was able to drop it so low.

The Darkness

Every once in a while a car comes along that takes a bite out of tradition and spits out something fresh, this time it’s Tyler Williams’ bagged 2011 Subaru STI. The Subaru culture is one that is steeped in the tradition of rally racing.  Owners pride themselves by building cars that are not only fast, but durable and strong.  Low and behold a STI has arrived that breaks with the […]


While most of his MK3’s were slammed on coils, Mark Palombi upgraded to a higher end car and decided to bring this project to another level by bringing his B6 Audi A4 down a few notches using bags. As a die hard static fan, Mark can’t hide the fact that air ride makes your life that much more practical.Imagine dumping this beautiful avant after a date with your dream girl.  […]

Dawn of the Dead

Rising from the dead is something best left to witch doctors, rogue viruses & Mike Zimny. Back in August, Mike was keeping us up to date on the progression of his bag build in our forums when tragedy struck.  On his way to VagFair right after installing his air suspension setup he got into a fender bender, all was thought to be lost… Thankfully he worked his magic and in […]

E Thirty Six

It’s so much easier to write an article on someone you know, especially a friend and 2LO crew member.  Enter Sam Ostrout’s bagged BMW E36 3-Series. Sam drew a lot of attention at an early stage of the summer after showing up to meets in his ultra low static dropped bimmer poking an AMG wheel setup cambered to 6-7 degrees in the back. He rode around town a few months […]

Ocean Blitz 2011 Teaser

On September 22, 2011 join the rally from Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo and New York City to H2O International in Ocean City, Maryland for the experience of a lifetime with Ocean Blitz. Although H2O International is primarily a Euro show, Ocean Blitz is an extension of the weekend long fun by bringing together all stanced, bagged and static Euro, JDM & Domestic rides.

California Bagged

GrinderTV Features a short video of Dion Inutan’s Custom Audi A4 Featuring Accuair Suspension Filmed in Pismo Beach California!

Shootin' Stars

Another day another night, but more importantly another quality bagged MK5. Laying low and shining under the stars, Josh’s ride is known across Canada for being clean and stylish. He joined the Euro community a few years back after jumping from a Civic that got stolen ( thanks to the thief BTW, you sent us a great guy! ) to a MK3 VR6 to a MK5 Jetta on air.   I […]

Flying Low

Co-owner of Strasse Autowerks in Montreal, Canada; Vitali’s bagged MK2 Jetta is one of the hottest dubs Montreal’s got to showcase. On top of being a personal friend of mine, Vitali is also the one that everyone trusts when it comes to working under the hood of their cars. From big turbo applications to air suspension installs, his work is nothing short of quality.Like the rest of  Vitali’s work, his […]