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Because Showcars

Built in Quebec, Canada these 2 cars are one of the reasons why most folks up north are proud to be in the Canadian Dub scene. Featured on many sites including  Canibeat, it didn’t take long for Super Dave to become an internationally renowned superstar with his killer MK3 Jetta.  Not to be outdone, his girlfriend Jacqueline set up her very own sweet shaved MK4 Golf. Let’s start with Jackie’s […]

Lower Expectations

While most people were spending their final hours before H2Oi 2011 getting some much needed rest, Louis-Philippe Leroux was hustling hard to put the final touches on his bagged 2002 Volkswagen GTI. The exterior of this ride is something truly special.  Fully shaved rub strips & emblems push Louis’ ride to the limit of the OEM+ design. A fresh exterior is completed with a set of brilliantly staggered 17×8″ and […]

Country Flair

A classic Audi 100 C1 with one of the most original trunk setups around is the kind of ride leaving us begging for more. Copper hard lines mated to three tanks wrapped in what looks like potatoe sacks and hemp rope give this vintage Audi some country flair.

The Pink Panther

I remember getting judged harshly by folks in high school when I first walked in with a brand new pink Lacoste polo.  Needless to say that guys were quick to pull the trigger to make fun of me while most women where giving me the pretty eyes, it takes a real man to wear pink. What can we say about a man driving a pink car with pink rims? I […]

Camaro Perfection

A quick weekend feature revolves around this freshly bagged Camaro that was put together by the boys at Victory Racing down in Michigan.  Operating close to Air Lift HQ made it easier to bag their ride on a Camaro air suspension kit with 1 compressor and a five gallon tank. Once bagged, the new Camaro reaches a new level of gangsterism.  Traditional American muscle meets new school customization to offer […]

Devil in a New Dress

Nothing screams luxury more than a fine woman, a laid back tune, some quality drinks, and a layed out Lexus GS.

The Darkness Wallpapers

Last week we featured Tyler Williams’ bagged 2011 Subaru STI.  This week we’re posting up some wallpapers of his ride for everyone to enjoy.

Bagged Yellow

najob in our forums shared this video of him and his buddies trying out a new camera rig. In the process of doing that Bojans car keys get stolen, they made a craigslist video ad, and Jill tried to Penguin Suit-up with Jonny. Good times yet again by Dub Allstars.

Nothing But Clio

Last saturday Paul Hicklin’s Clio was photographed for a feature on – while doing the photos Adam McPeake created this short video for us to see. Take a look at our feature of Paul’s ride to see how he was able to drop it so low.

The Darkness

Every once in a while a car comes along that takes a bite out of tradition and spits out something fresh, this time it’s Tyler Williams’ bagged 2011 Subaru STI. The Subaru culture is one that is steeped in the tradition of rally racing.  Owners pride themselves by building cars that are not only fast, but durable and strong.  Low and behold a STI has arrived that breaks with the […]