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Matt's Candy MK6 JSW

This JSW ( Jetta Sport Wagon ) has nothing to envy of other dubs in the scene. Probably among the first to bag a new MK6 Jetta Wagon, Matt decided to work with none other than Drew at Dorbritz Designs and the boys at Bag Riders. Tucking Rotiform BLQ’s is no small feat, especially when they’re 19’s. Custom candy red paint on the outside of this hot wagon matches the […]

Brett's A4 with Poke

Brett’s sweet B7 Audi A4 is rocking a sweet stance with his 3 piece Rotiform BLQ’s. This aired out ride is one sexy piece of ass!

Three Rivers Cruise

This past weekend saw the guys from AirSociety and Eurokracy cruised to Three Rivers with a bunch of other dubbers for a meet up.  Check out some of the shots of this past weekend.

Aaron Ok's VW Jetta

With all the exposure Aaron Ok was getting for his bagged and fitted VW Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8T, it was only a matter of time before had the opportunity to make a killer video of the car. Mr. Ok has been one of the toughest clients thus far, but all the criticism was constructive and much appreciated. Here’s the breakdown: Universal Air Front Airbags over B&G Coilovers Firestone Rear Airbags […]

Attention To Detail

There aren’t that many bagged MK5 GTI’s that match a winning exterior and interior that’s good enough quality for Eurotuner. Thankfully Rich’s ride is just that hot! This bagged beauty is the prime definition of a clean machine.  It’s tucking a set of 18″ Mercedes-Benz Alphard wheels underneath those sexy silver fenders. A custom molded front Jetta bumper, shaved front and rear emblems, and an OEM Votex kit with deleted […]

Winter Mode GS400

Bagged VIP Lexus GS400’s aren’t a daily sight where we’re from, especially when they’re scraping the ground in winter mode. We could use this bad boy for a snow plow!

The winner of AirSociety's Nippon O Sukuou goes to...

Our man Katsu with his beautiful JDM Mazda Six. Congratulation on winning AirSociety’s Nippon O Sukuou – Hawaii’s best Air !!!  Check out the feature! I remember seeing this car in the making on Mazda6Forums a few years back. I used to own a pretty low Mazda 6 at that time and never thought I’d see a bagged one of that caliber today. In my opinion the Mazda 6 remains […]

Bagged 2012 VW Beetle Concept

With all the hubbub surrounding the release of the new 2012 VW Beetle, we decided to tweak the press release image a bit to give this hot bug a little flair!  Check it out and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! Big thanks to airbageric for the source material for the wheels and VWvortex for the original image!  

Mello/Yello by Kenny Cano

Kenny Cano’s renowned for his crisp auto features and this one is no different. Check out this sweet bagged Imola Yellow 20th Anniversarty VW GTI on RH ZW4 Cuprad Wheels.

Bryan Dale's A3

Although winter is saying so long to North America and most people are happily awaiting the warmth of summer, Rob Ghaderi felt like he had to release a video about his buddy Bryan Dale’s 2007 Audi A3 on E-Level air ride that was filmed during the winter… Damn you! Luckily this video is just as sexy as his last film so no harm was done.