Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension
Town car suspensions (all air suspensions) will develop a slow leak in the air bellows. This occurs because of dry-rot in the rubber. When the leak starts. It is a slow progression. If you ever noticed the vehicle lower in the morning or after it sits for several hours. Your compressor will come on more frequently to try and keep up with the leak. The piston of your compressor is not lubricated. It has tephlon rings. Newtons Law on Force is F=MuMA (Force =Mu {coefficient of friction} times mass times acceleration). Once the piston has come on more often the coefficient of friction increases. Therefore requires more Force to achieve the same acceleration of the piston to inflate to the recommended pressure. The fuse is a 30 amp fuse in most cases and will allow it to draw more current to compensate for the increased load on the piston. As we all know rubber will eventually fail. If not caught early. The compressor will be the next thing to fail. The good news is you have several options. Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension has all the products you will need for your air suspension. Our main competitor has their products \made in China and assembled in the USA. Our components are made in the USA by American companies. The only exception to this is the Good Year Rubber sleeve which is produced by Good Year in Central Mexico. We have noticed that 50% of our customers convert to non air suspension and 50% keep the air suspension. Most times it is purely based on economics. Converting is cheaper. But, if you need the leveling support of the air springs for maybe a wheelchair or small trailer. We have never had a customer express any disapproval of the conversion kits. Satisfaction is guaranteed at Suncore Industries. is your source for all your air suspension needs. Sincerely, Jason Lovins Below are the components needed for he Town Car suspension. Items can be purchased individually or as kits.