Hello everyone!
AS you can see by my noob post count I'm new here on air society. I've been drooling over air setups for a few years and couldnt take it any more, I had to have air for myself.

My Setup:
Autopilot V2 1/4 inch line
Dual Viar 400 C's
8.5 gallon tank
Universal bags in the front over S4 struts
Airlift rear tapered bags with custom control arms


We laid everything out before we started tearing down the stock suspension.

Test fitting the spare tire well to determin placement

My friend Matt jerkin around with some wires.

Had to use a super massive 1 inch impact to get the damn lugs off because the previous owner put these on with like a million ft/lbs

My buddy Darren getting thoroughly pissed at my e-brake cables before taking the lower control arms out

The massive wire crushers we used to ensure the grounds were solid

Tank and compressor layout prior to running the air lines

This is how the tank sits in the rear once its all finished

It was too low to get it off the lift before we could get the relays all wired in.

As she sits now with the stock wheels. if someone would ever buy my other car i could finally get it on some nice 19's.

Things to come:
Water traps
Cleaning up a few wires and zip tie tales (damn you zip tie tales)
Dynamat the Spare tire well

Thanks for reading!