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Thread: V1 Controller Help!

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    V1 Controller Help!

    So I bought a second hand V1 kit and the previous guy has molded the controller into a facia panel that fits into the dash of a golf mk4, I however dont have space as i have factory satnav there.

    I asked the seller if i was to pull it apart would i be okay to remake something that I can mold it into however he said the buttons will spring off as the original shell is now molded into the facia.

    Whats everyones thoughts? should I just try and cut this down and work with it and build around it?

    I plan to put it into my ashtray I think.

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    have called airlift to see if they have the front part for it?

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    The original owner is very much correct, the V1 controller is spring loaded and stuff tends to fly everywhere if you aren't careful when taking it apart. I've taken a couple apart myself, and never been able to do so without having springs shoot out. This may sound a bit crazy, but I've found that by using a large plastic bag over your hands & V1 controller is a great way to contain the inevitable "part explosion" when you disassemble the unit.

    Also, since the original shell is now molded into that DINN plate, I think you'll be much better off starting with a fresh faceplate, at least then you know what you're starting with will be OEM and you can mold *that* to your needs, rather than starting with something pre-modded.



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