Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension is made up of two Air Spring Bags in the rear, which is inflated by the Air Suspension Compressor. Solenoids that are attached to the air spring bags allow the flow of air in and out of the bag. A Height Sensor tells the Control Module that the vehicle needs to be raised. There are two Gas Shocks in the rear, as well in the front of a Lincoln Town Car. Suncore Industries has many of these parts available for purchase. Air Suspension Conversion Kits are also available, which will eliminate the Town Car Air Suspension completely. Your Satisfaction is our Guarantee!

Lincoln Town Car Air Ride Suspension System
Lincoln Town Car Air Ride Suspension Systems are the softest on the road and is one of the most dependable systems if properly maintained. When the Shocks or the air springs go out, the car is nearly impossible to drive. Suncore provides all the solutions for your air suspension repair at a fraction of the dealer price.

Air suspension is a type of vehicle suspension powered by an engine driven electric air pump or compressor. Using an air Suspension Compressor, it will turn on to fill the air bags when needed. This pump pressurizes the air, using compressed air as a spring. An air suspension dryer is attached directly to the compressor. The function of the air dryer is to capture the moisture that is released when the air is compressed. Air suspension replaces conventional steel springs. With a height sensor the vehicle height can be determined. Working together, the air compressor and computer will allow the proper amount of air to be dispersed to the bags. There is a solenoid in the air bags; the solenoid will close once the correct amount of air has been achieved. If for some reason there is a surplus of air the solenoid will open letting the air out and bring the vehicle to factory height. All this is possible with a control module; this is the brain of the system. The control module controls the air suspension compressor through a solid state relay. If the height sensor determines a change, the information is sent to the control module and the air suspension system begins to work. The purpose of air suspension is to provide a smooth ride quality and in some cases self-leveling. Air suspension has been installed on vehicles for years and is one of the most dependable systems if properly maintained. These Air Suspension Systems can have many benefits, great ride quality, increase handling, decrease tire wear, and the ability to adapt to changing loads.
Town Car Air Spring Bags Suspension System

How This Air Suspension System Works: they are 2 air springs bags at the rear that are filled with air by a suspension compressor pump. The number one reason for compressor failure is old dry rotted air spring bags. If you have a leak in the bags for a period of time chances are it will damage the air compressor by lowering its output capacity, or by burning out the motor. If the air compressor is still in working condition a good thing to consider is to change the dryer, in order to extend the life of the compressor.

What is a compressor dryer? It is a small container that holds a powder desiccant that removes the moisture from the suspension system.

Your vehicle has 2 gas shocks in the front and 2 gas shocks in the rear. It is recommended that these shocks are replaced every 50,000 miles for improved handling and braking.

Air spring bags dry rot over time, usually between 5-7 years. Making sure that the air bags are in good condition is a great way to insure the life of the compressor.


Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension Conversion Systems
Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension Conversion Kits are the low cost alternative to Air Ride Suspension Systems. We offer a large variety of converison kits to help you get back on the road. Air Suspension Conversion Kits work by replacing your air ride parts for durable Coil Springs and Passive Shocks that do not use the electronic systems in the vehicle, allowing you to have a great ride without breaking the bank. Suncore Suspension Converison Kits come with a *Lifetime Warranty*. Customer Satisfaction is our Guarantee.

A major concern of air suspension is the cost for replacements, with so many components that can fail in this system; conversion kits are becoming the most economical way to solve this dilemma. Air spring bags typically last 5-7 years, after this period dry rotting can cause the bags to crack and create leaks causing other components to fail if not replaced on time. Proper maintenance of the gas shocks is also essential to upkeep the vehicles suspension. Changing this gas shocks every 50,000 miles will help with the overall life of the suspension.

WHAT IS A CONVERSION KIT? A conversion kit is a system in which you remove the vehicle's air suspension and replace it with an alternate form of suspension. These conversion kits vary greatly depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle.
Air Spring Bags to Coil Springs Suspension Conversion System

How this conversion kits works: this conversion kit is design to replace the air ride in your vehicle. Taking the place of the 2 air spring bags at the rear will be the coil springs. No longer will the vehicle need an air compressor to keep it at a comfortable ride height. The solenoids will now be an inactive part of the system, although they will still be needed for electronic purposes. The same thing will be true with the height sensors, control module, and the air compressor. As with many vehicles there are gas pressurized shocks, 2 in the front and 2 at the rear, it is recommended that those gas shocks are replaced every 50,000 miles to maintain the suspension.

Lincoln Town Car Air Suspension Parts