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Category archives: Vendors


RPI Equipped - Freedom

With the snow capped mountains peaking through the Monday morning fog, one employee feels the urge get out of his Monday morning blues. Straight arming his way to freedom he sets out on his journey through the crowded city and up to the mountains for the fresh white pow. A fan made Audi commercial featuring the RPI Equipped A4 Allroad. Featuring Air Lift air suspension from Bag Riders, AccuAir air […]

Black Mamba: Daniel Soulliard's MK6 GTI

Photos via Lyn Santiago Daniel Soulliard joined the Navy back in 2009 and spent time being shuffled around until one day he got stationed in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Up until this point he thought his dream of owning a GTI would have to be put off for an eternity, but he quickly settled himself in and decided to jump on the occasion by purchasing a relatively humble 2010 GTI. It wouldn’t […]

Living the Dream: Dmitry Chechernikov's Audi A4

A typical beginning to classic Russian fairy tales used to reference places far away is: “тридевятом царстве (In the three-ninth kingdom)”. This reference might seem obscure to most North Americans, but to Dmitry Chechernikov of, it hits home.

Cold Winter Air: AirREX Air Suspension & AccuAir E-Level Impress

One of the most asked questions I get in person and online is: “Does air suspension hold up in winter?” I figured that with the recent spell of brutal winter storms in Montreal, Canada dropping more than 2 feet of snow within a 24 hour timespan and the recent drop in temperature to -23 Celcius (-10 Fahrenheit), now would be the right time to showcase what my AirREX air suspension and AccuAir E-Level managed B8 Audi A4 is made of. Please note that this is my own personal opinion and your own personal experiences may vary.

Lowcally Grown: Nick Lanno's BMW E30 325is

Every now and again a father and son are able to share memories and passions through the passing down of family heirlooms. With only one prior owner on the books, Nick Lanno’s 1987 BMW 325is merges family and passion together in one kick ass piece of machinery.


If I Was The President, This Would Be My Car

Coming hot on the heels of our recent feature of Jason Matsuura’s bagged Lexus LS460L comes photographer & videographer Danny Castillo’s video showcase of what this ride is all about. Check it out.