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Category archives: Vendors

ForjWorks now Distributing AccuAir

If you’re looking for an awesome air management system, ForjWorks has just become an authorized dealer for AccuAir suspension products. Feel free to contact them by email for all your inquiries, pricing guides will be released online shortly @ [email protected]  

Air Lift & AirSociety Join Forces

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Air Lift, a leader in both aftermarket and stock air suspension products since 1949! This news is warmly accepted as it will ensure our community will have yet another quality vendor on hand to address the needs of the Air Suspension community.

ForjWorks Sponsors AIRSOCIETY

AirSociety is delighted to announce ForjWorks as a new forum sponsor. After being on board since the very beginning, they now decided to join our community and become our firsts Air Suspension professionals in Hawaii. Mainly reputed for providing custom solutions for Bag over coil setups, ForjWorks will supply you with their exclusive ” Air Over ” threaded brackets for your existing coilovers. ForjWorks is a company that was created […]

Kevin's Dope Impreza

The only thing I can picture right now is Ali G screaming : BOOYAKA! We’ve been seeing more and more stanced Imprezas this past year, which is something that I’m completely cool with since I totally dig and appreciate these AWD monsters. Kevin wanted to stick out of the crowd by bringin’ his ride’s fenders closer to the wheels and the STI bumper to the floor, which could only be […]

Jeff's winterized Audi S4

You’ve all probably seen Jeff’ S4 dumped on Miro type 111 wheels this summer browsing around different forums of the web. Well here it is today, sitting on OZ Futura’s right in the middle of a snow storm. The reason I brought attention to the fact that you’ve probably noticed it around is because we barely see bagged B5 S4’s. And when we do see one, we drop the appreciation. […]

Bagged Hard: Andrew Ritter's Mini Clubman

When he’s not busy running Stancedesign or organizing Air Affair at H2Oi, Andrew is busy tinkering with his 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman.  This never-ending project began with a simple car, but ended up with an OEM+ beauty that set the bar for Clubmans all over the world.Andrew’s cooper is more than what you can easily see from the outside like the re-drilled 17″ Audi A8 Winter Monoblocks and pavement eating […]