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Category archives: ForjWorks

Roger That

Have you ever wondered what your brand new B8 Audi A4 would look like tucking tire? Well Roger Ganotisi needed only a few weeks after picking up his ride before making this ForjWorks tweaked dream a reality. Driving a new A4 is rewarding all on its own.  Its fresh looks attracts tons of attention from the ladies straight out of the dealership, so why would anyone want to bag one? […]

It's Called Camburr Mr. Officurr

Built with style and swagger, Patrick Inumerable’s 2004 Acura TSX is definitely the type of car we love to showcase on AirSociety.  While some like to pull off this kind of look with static setups, Patrick preferred stepping up his game by bringing a bagged JDM-styled TSX to the scene.Living in Pearl City, Hawaii definitely has its perks and smooth roads are one of them.  Smacking potholes on his ride […]

More Than a Honda

One of the best memories we’ve got as kids is tearing up our hometown streets in beat up scooters.  What may seem like a toy to some, others see as the first breath of liberty.  As Christmas approaches, we thought this could be the perfect time to feature Jake Reining’s bagged Honda Ruckus that will rekindle your love affair a simpler time in your life and might make you think […]

Racing on Air

If you haven’t heard of AirREX suspension by now, this is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the product by checking out Dizzy Ling’s killer bagged Mini Copper S R53 track car.  AirREX is a division of Pin Hsiu Rubber Company Ltd. based out of Changhua, Taiwan that’s been manufacturing various products such as C.V. Joint Boots, Steering Rack Boots, Air Springs, Bushings, O-Rings, Oil Seals, and Packings since […]

ForjWorks Infiniti G35

It gets lonely sometimes on the Hawaiian Islands, thankfully ForjWorks is around to keep people busy.  Their latest Infiniti G35 AirREX install has a lot more going for it than just being low, the trunk setup is starting to get out of this world too! Read more about it here:

ForjWorks now Distributing AccuAir

If you’re looking for an awesome air management system, ForjWorks has just become an authorized dealer for AccuAir suspension products. Feel free to contact them by email for all your inquiries, pricing guides will be released online shortly @ [email protected]