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Category archives: Bag Riders

Gator Country

Florida is known for warm weather, nasty reptiles, and killer Volvos.  Calling Orlando his home, Matt Phillips from Just Stance has been terrorizing retirement communities with his bagged 1998 Volvo S70 for years. Modding a Volvo is a love hate story.  Owners often times have to slap on simple lowering springs, buy overpriced coilovers or ghetto rig hacked up suspensions together to get them to sit just right.  Pouring money […]

Bag Riders and AirSociety Suit Up!

A household name in the air suspension industry for many years, Bag Riders has partnered with AirSociety to offer premium service and product support to the masses. As an official Air Lift, Bagyard, and AccuAir distributor; Bag Riders has all the experience necessary to make your next purchase an educated one.

Kevin's Dope Impreza

The only thing I can picture right now is Ali G screaming : BOOYAKA! We’ve been seeing more and more stanced Imprezas this past year, which is something that I’m completely cool with since I totally dig and appreciate these AWD monsters. Kevin wanted to stick out of the crowd by bringin’ his ride’s fenders closer to the wheels and the STI bumper to the floor, which could only be […]