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Category archives: Bag Riders

Lowcally Grown: Nick Lanno's BMW E30 325is

Every now and again a father and son are able to share memories and passions through the passing down of family heirlooms. With only one prior owner on the books, Nick Lanno’s 1987 BMW 325is merges family and passion together in one kick ass piece of machinery.

Goldroller: Ryan Beard's MK6 Jetta

Photos: Logan Wilson Photography Standing out in a crowd can be as simple as wearing a different colored sweater or as complicated as inking your whole upper body. When it comes to the MK6 Jetta scene, Ryan Beard decided his way to be different was by building a ride that left the competition staring in disbelief.Ryan’s inspiration started as he toured the many euro shows across America. Days crawling across […]

Will-Power: Will Fisher's BMW E92 335i

When talking about quality, the Bag Riders team always shows up with a shop vehicle that just screams it.  Premiering this time is owner Will Fisher’s latest creation: an E92 BMW 335i.As we crossed the Canada/USA border on our way to the annual Bag Riders BBQ a couple of weeks back we knew we’d be in store for a ton of sweet rides and cool cats from the community.  Taking […]

Self-Made: Kia Ahmadi's MK4 Jetta Wagon

Kia Ahmadi is not the average do-it-yourselfer who prides himself in bolting on a set of wheels and changing the oil. In the small confines of his home garage is where Kia builds not just cars, but memories. He might not always have the right tools or be in the safest of environments but at the end of the day he gets things done, and done well.When we last saw […]

Touch of Class: Annie Brooks' B7 Audi A4

It’s always refreshing to see that the community of air ride is attracting not only male but female air heads as well.  Annie Brooks’ B7 Audi A4 is one of those rides that brings class and comfort together in a pretty sweet package.Annie’s love for being low is something that she was born with. She’s been a VW girl since she was 18 when she picked up her very first […]

Swedish Brownie: Johan Rosengren's MK4 Polo GTI

If ever you find yourself visiting Tibro, Sweden, take some time to wander the countryside and photograph Johan Rosengren's layed out 1999 Volkswagen Polo GTi.The passion that Johan has for his ride started at a young age. Carrying it forward to today, the attention to detail starts with They Lagerfeld Wish Bomb, fine them crown customers because Extreme does scrubs. Eye use prednisone 20mg washes and After […]