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Category archives: Bag Riders

Touch of Class: Annie Brooks' B7 Audi A4

It’s always refreshing to see that the community of air ride is attracting not only male but female air heads as well.  Annie Brooks’ B7 Audi A4 is one of those rides that brings class and comfort together in a pretty sweet package.Annie’s love for being low is something that she was born with. She’s been a VW girl since she was 18 when she picked up her very first […]

Swedish Brownie: Johan Rosengren's MK4 Polo GTI

If ever you find yourself visiting Tibro, Sweden, take some time to wander the countryside and photograph Johan Rosengren's layed out 1999 Volkswagen Polo GTi.The passion that Johan has for his ride started at a young age. Carrying it forward to today, the attention to detail starts with an Audi Teak Brown paint job and gloss black roof.Working at a body shop has its advantages. Johan created a custom front […]

Gold Shadow: Steven Lumbrosso's MK5 Jetta

Today’s feature goes out to a friend, a crew member as well as AirSociety’s newest writer that was introduced to you about a month ago. Steven Lumbrosso’s got the MK5 Jetta that just screams “Gold”.Showing off in his gold diggin’ machine is something Steven is starting to get used to doing. After spending a full summer static and wondering if air suspension was really a viable option for him he […]

Zaetech releases the TouchBox: The Ultimate iPhone Air Ride Controller

Bag Riders is proud to announce the distribution of the TouchBox, a new wireless controller designed and manufactured by Zaetech. This system allows you to control your air suspension with your smart phone via WiFi (iPhone) or Bluetooth (Android) communication. By wirelessly replicating the functionality of a traditional wired nine switch box, the user is provided with truly limitless control of their air suspension system. Installation of TouchBox is as […]

Pressure vs. Ride Height Management

There’s been a lot of discussion and questions asked in our Forums about the differences between a Pressure based management and a Ride Height based management.  Bag Riders put together this video to compare two different digital management systems for vehicles equipped with air suspensions.  Remember if you’ve got any questions or are still unsure of which option is best for you, ask a question in the Management section of […]

Gator Country

Florida is known for warm weather, nasty reptiles, and killer Volvos.  Calling Orlando his home, Matt Phillips from Just Stance has been terrorizing retirement communities with his bagged 1998 Volvo S70 for years. Modding a Volvo is a love hate story.  Owners often times have to slap on simple lowering springs, buy overpriced coilovers or ghetto rig hacked up suspensions together to get them to sit just right.  Pouring money […]