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Category archives: AirREX

Flossin on Vossen: Ayo Anderson's G25

Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, and Hong Kong.  Miami native Anthony Anderson (@ayo_vossen) has spent nearly the whole month of January hopping from airport to airport as part of the Vossen Wheels World Tour.  All that time in the sky might have done more for his appreciation of air than he was letting off because as soon as he landed on US soil, calls were placed to bag his 2012 Infiniti G25.Working […]


Ayo's Bagged G25 on Vossens

Ayo at Vossen spent a lot of time researching air ride before hitting up AirREX & AccuAir for the necessary hardware.  Check out his killer Infiniti G25 on a set of concave 20 x 10.5″ Vossen VVS-CV4 wheels.

Cold Winter Air: AirREX Air Suspension & AccuAir E-Level Impress

One of the most asked questions I get in person and online is: “Does air suspension hold up in winter?” I figured that with the recent spell of brutal winter storms in Montreal, Canada dropping more than 2 feet of snow within a 24 hour timespan and the recent drop in temperature to -23 Celcius (-10 Fahrenheit), now would be the right time to showcase what my AirREX air suspension and AccuAir E-Level managed B8 Audi A4 is made of. Please note that this is my own personal opinion and your own personal experiences may vary.

Fit to Scrape: Michael Miyamoto's Honda Fit

Micheal Miyamoto is your typical kind of Hawaiian guy that likes body surfing and hiking, however he is hiding a dark secret that we will unveil – well the picture probably gave it away by now so my attempt at surprising you completely failed. Micheal is the owner of this kick ass bagged 2009 Honda Fit, and when he isn’t actually body surfing he’s scrapping the asphalt of Kailua Oahu, […]