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Category archives: Air Lift

The Air Lift Story

In a simpler time when a man’s ride was judged not by how flush his fitment was or by how tucked his tires were, but by the time it took him to tear up the 4.1 mile long Daytona Beach race track; Air Lift emerged to reign supreme. What started as the brain child of GE Engineer Claude Pemberton and Oldsmobile Toronado developer Don Perkins in 1949 as a means […]

Air Lift Mazda3 Project

This is the thread you’re going to want to follow if you’re a Mazda3 owner looking for new lows. The folks at Air Lift have finally designed a full kit for you guys. No more hassle with pot holes and knocking subframes as you can easily enjoy a new ride and parking height with the flick of a switch.. All you need is a set of these and you’ll enjoy […]


The Euro car community has been aware of J.j. from Dubkorps/AWOL‘s B5 Audi S4 Wagon for a while now, in fact those that can reach far enough back in their memories will remember when it was still painted white.  One bear attack, several layers of olive drab paint and a few sets of wheels later, this S4 turned RS4 Wagon got hopped up on air for a drop worthy of […]

Tracking Bagged by Air Lift

Most people have misconceptions that bagged cars don’t belong on the track.  Air Lift is breaking this stigma one step at a time starting at Beaverrun Motorsports’ Complex in Pennsylvania, Gingerman Raceway in Michigan and Carolina Motorsports Park in SC. A common legend about bags is that an air bag will fly off your vehicle while pounding sharps curves on the road or at the track.  Making sure that this […]

Air Lift & AirSociety Join Forces

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Air Lift, a leader in both aftermarket and stock air suspension products since 1949! This news is warmly accepted as it will ensure our community will have yet another quality vendor on hand to address the needs of the Air Suspension community.

Bagged Hard: Andrew Ritter's Mini Clubman

When he’s not busy running Stancedesign or organizing Air Affair at H2Oi, Andrew is busy tinkering with his 2008 Mini Cooper Clubman.  This never-ending project began with a simple car, but ended up with an OEM+ beauty that set the bar for Clubmans all over the world.Andrew’s cooper is more than what you can easily see from the outside like the re-drilled 17″ Audi A8 Winter Monoblocks and pavement eating […]