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Category archives: Tech Talk

Zaetech releases the TouchBox: The Ultimate iPhone Air Ride Controller

Bag Riders is proud to announce the distribution of the TouchBox, a new wireless controller designed and manufactured by Zaetech. This system allows you to control your air suspension with your smart phone via WiFi (iPhone) or Bluetooth (Android) communication. By wirelessly replicating the functionality of a traditional wired nine switch box, the user is provided with truly limitless control of their air suspension system. Installation of TouchBox is as […]

AirRex Suspension Stage III Wireless Digital Management

AirRex was proud to introduce their all new digital management setup at SEMA 2011. Another interesting new system that is being offered using wireless technology! The Stage III Wireless Digital Management is a plug and play controller that operates by measuring the air pressure in the lines and constantly adjusting pressure. Check out our forums for more details and videos showing the product in action: AirRex Stage III Wireless […]

The Ins and Outs of AccuAir i-Level

Undeniably one of the greatest tools available to someone with air suspension is that tool which gives them full control over the vertical ascent and descent of their ride.  With the advent of the iPhone and the ability to create applications that empower users to be more mobile in their day to day lives, the era of being tethered to your car is over.  Here’s where AccuAir steps in and […]

Air Lift Mazda3 Project

This is the thread you’re going to want to follow if you’re a Mazda3 owner looking for new lows. The folks at Air Lift have finally designed a full kit for you guys. No more hassle with pot holes and knocking subframes as you can easily enjoy a new ride and parking height with the flick of a switch.. All you need is a set of these and you’ll enjoy […]

Coil Over Bag setup by Forjworks

Some guys may go one beyond just running struts with the bags. A new trend is putting Bag over coil overs. Here is an example using Megan Coilovers.  Forjworks has made brackets that fit and actually screws onto the coil over housing so you can lock it without having the mount messing up your threads. Another thing is that most of all the bag won’t spin. Many might ask why? […]

Hard Lines vs. Soft Lines

Standard air suspension setups are normally equipped with flexible nylon air hoses to supply compressed air to various parts of the air ride setup.  The next aesthetically pleasing upgrade readily available for the standard soft air hose lines are by fabricating “hard lines” out of metal pipe. Metal piping has been used in vehicles for  many decades now as fuel lines, brake lines, oil return lines, etc… so why is […]