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Purple Crush: Frankie Lynch’s 2007 Subaru WRX


Photos via Erik Breihof
Frankie Lynch’s love affair with the car scene started with a bone stock 2007 Subaru WRX. Of course once he started attending car meets and events, the modding bug bit and he had to get his body down to standards.AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-010AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-018Frankie’s first move was a Voltex rear diffuser, front lip and side skirts. With a new slammed look incoming via a set of coilovers, but he quickly found outthat smashing his freshly painted lip on curbs quickly ticked him off. He knew there had to be a better way.AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-003AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-004Not wanting to burn a hole in his wallet every time he took a trip around the block, Frankie moved quickly on a set of Air Lift performance air suspension and closed the gap on form and function.AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-008AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-014Now that he could go about his daily business with ease, he moved to widen his Roo with custom molded fender flares. Working day and night for weeks, Frankie knew he had to complete his project because owning a wide body Subaru WRX was one of his dreams since first purchasing it.AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-006AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-009Once all was said and done, a deep purple Hyundai paint color made its way onto the car. It was almost complete, except for the finishing touch: wheels.AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-005Custom cut Watercooled IND 18″x12″ MD1 wheels made their way onto his ride and barely fit under the fender lips with a -5 degree camber. Fat 5″ stepped lips and polished faces were the final touch that pushed his dream over the edge and into reality.AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-015AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-017Big thanks to Erik Breihof for shooting this purple beast and for showcasing Frankie’s 2007 Subaru WRX to the world.AirSociety-Subaru-WRX-WCI-Watercooled-Industries-002

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