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Dropped Daily: Ted Huynh’s Lexus LS430


Photos via Grant Cox Protography
Words via Jon Hansen

Everyone remembers their first build, the one car that gets them into the enthusiast lifestyle that is inescapable. Ted Huynh out of Wichita, Kansas was in the car game long before he started building this beautiful 2002 Lexus LS430, but memories of his pas accomplishments somehow found their way into this modern sedan. lexus-ls430-airsociety-air-lift-021Having laid down his foundations on a 1995 Honda Civic Coupe, Ted has been building and modding cars since before many of the new kids in the scene ever had drivers recently started a family of his own, Ted semi-retired from the car modding game for 6 years, but upon picking up the LS430 he knew it was time to come back like Jordan wearin’ the 4-5. lexus-ls430-airsociety-air-lift-017lexus-ls430-airsociety-air-lift-018On the top of the long list of what he needed to buy to overhaul his family hauler, Ted bought a set of Air Lift struts and bags, an Air Lift Autopilot V2 management, and two Viva Air compressors connected to a single 5-gallon spent 3 days installing the entire air ride setup out of his garage floor during Labor Day weekend using nothing more than jack stands and arm endless debates on rollers to choose, he pounced on a set of fully chrome and polished Maya DX2slexus-ls430-airsociety-air-lift-029With specs straying no further than 20×9″ +30 up front and 20×11″ +35 out back, it was love at first air-out for Ted with this Lexus. lexus-ls430-airsociety-air-lift-040The rest just fell in to place piece by piece, such as the Q45 gattling gun projector retrofit which he also installed himself, Junction Produce grille, Silk Blaze front lip, and color matched engine most auto builders will tell you, they always have plans for future of their ride, and Ted is no different. lexus-ls430-airsociety-air-lift-067Looking to everything ranging from more body work, to LED taillights, to a Futura Big Brake Kit, and custom interior; its safe to say he wont be dropping this build any time soon. lexus-ls430-airsociety-air-lift-046Ted is looking forward to meeting many more new people at any event he attends. Ted does the Kansas car scene as well as the Midwest VIP scene wants to give a big shout out first and foremost to his wife Donna and three boys: Jaxon, Jayce, and Nathan. The 2 Fingahz family, the Prestige Society family, Hennessy (the Prestige Society drink of choice), Bag Riders, Air Lift, and the forums for all the info that can be found there. Special thanks to Grant Cox and the AirSociety family for making this feature happen. lexus-ls430-airsociety-air-lift-069

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