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Eurokracy Montréal 2014: A Retrospective


What started as a dream from three men with their own personal successes in the automotive industry has grown into an event that is not only recognized nationally as being the largest of its kind, but internationally as the only European automotive event worth getting a passport to see in Canada. Eurokracy is this dream come true.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-269Having spent nearly a decade organizing the Orangeball Rally from Montréal to Englishtown, New Jersey for North America’s largest VW & Audi car show called Waterfest, I was amazed at the amount of quality cars and people who kept undertaking the 6+ hour journey year after year. I knew there was an opportunity to showcase these people, their cars, and their stories to the world.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-223Finding a like-minded friend who started up his own local drag nights that attracted thousands of spectators, I quickly hatched the plot and ironed out as much of the general concept as I could with Jesse James. We spent hours going over everything from a location, to possible vendors, to marketing plans, but we quickly realized that this dream was becoming too big to go at it on our own, we needed a more experienced gear head to pick us up when we stumbled.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-288Nearly a decade of working at Volkswagen made Sergio Da Silva the best way to cap off our trio. Having the most practical knowledge about the industry than either myself or Jesse, Sergio brought a unique perspective to the table and made sure that when egos flared, we’d always know what the end goal was: to create the biggest European automotive event in Canada.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-537We chose Napierville Dragway as our location for 2014 because we needed to attract not only those visitors who love showing off their car’s looks, but power also, and it paid off big.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-533The reputation of Quebecers putting up fast 1/4 mile times held up from when the drag strip opened to when it closed with several 9-10 second cars making their way down the NHRA approved strip.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-534Years of watching hotel parking lot burnout competitions at Waterfest turned into an insane spectacle at Eurokracy.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-499Purpose built burnout cars went head to head against show and shine cars that quickly started looking like a scene out of Mad Max.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-349eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-388Radiator fans strapped to the hoods of cars, gas masks, rust and rubber all made the Eurokracy 2014 burnout contest one of the most intense to date.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-304eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-360eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-402eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-410As soon as plumes of billowing smoke rose up into the air and hoards of spectators screamed and cheered their last cheers it was time to move toward a unique approach to what has become a traditional car show event, the low car competition.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-001eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-010Not wanting to stick to a standard car limbo contest, we came up with the idea of having a closed circuit low car competition called The Neckbreaker whereby both the driver and the passengers inside his car have to work together to inch their cars under the height bar and over a pair of speed bumps.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-012eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-017Once dialing in their car height at the posts, it’s a mad dash out of the car, up to a stack of 2×4″ wood slabs and then laying them down on the ground and guiding the driver over the hump. The entire process is high energy and very competitive while evening out the playing field between those with adjustable air suspension as well as those with coilovers.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-019eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-020Wanting to make sure our judging process for Eurokracy remains both unbiased as well as respectable, we knew we needed to get some outside help, and there was no one more qualified than Sam Dobbins to lead the charge.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-161Having spent years traveling the world photographing cars and interviewing drivers for Performance VW Magazine, Performance BMW Magazine as well as his own personal project More Than More, we knew that Sam’s experience in spotting quality rides is what gave both ourselves and our spectators the confidence to succeed.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-047eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-190This MK1 imported from France by its original owner ended up taking home the Finest of Show award thanks to a car so clean you could practically eat off of it. Rare parts and custom finishing made it a showstopper for anyone who knew Volkswagens.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-062eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-049eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-215eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-256At the end of the day, when all the cars had left and all the cleanup was done, we could tell that what we had created was not just another car show, but a real cultural movement. We hope that the dream of promoting our local heroes to the world, we can grow and nurture an already vibrant European automotive community.eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-197eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-152eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-153eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-154eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-158eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-201eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-212eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-216eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-217eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-225eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-229eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-234eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-279eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-281eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-333eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-369eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-376eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-424eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-427eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-466eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-468eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-469eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-499eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-536eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-538eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-540eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-545eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-546eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-555eurokracy-montreal-2014-airsociety-561

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