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Airgasm: Tom Mcintosh’s 1969 Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback


Photos via Shauna Howard
Being deployed for combat overseas for years takes a lot out of a soldier. When USMC combat veteran Tom Mcintosh returned back to New Hampshire, he knew that focusing his energy on a project car would be the planned move.1969-vw-volkswagen-fastback-airsociety-011Finding the perfect car was no easy task, he searched far and wide for something different that would peak his interest. One day, a picture message came in from one of his friends of an old VW Bug he was looking at picking up. Buried in the back of that picture message was a hidden gem: a 1969 Volkswagen Fastback.1969-vw-volkswagen-fastback-airsociety-010Tom quickly bought it and started hacking it to get it lower. The first step was to swap out the stock front torsion rod suspension to that of a Type 1 link pin beam.1969-vw-volkswagen-fastback-airsociety-008Custom front and rear mounts were fabricated to hold Slam Specialties RE-5 air springs. Tom then moved forward and notched the spring plates and tubbed the rear out to allow for maximum slammage.1969-vw-volkswagen-fastback-airsociety-014His next move came via a set of SMC valves hooked up to a single 3-gallon air tank. A single VIAIR 400c compressor fuels the entire suspension system, and hidden, manual switches under the front dash lift and lower the ride with ease.1969-vw-volkswagen-fastback-airsociety-005Now that the car was at the ride height he wanted it to be at, he moved toward more subtle body changes. European spec tail lights and dual yellow fog lights were wired up to better illuminate his surroundings.1969-vw-volkswagen-fastback-airsociety-002The 1600 dual port engine was next upgraded via dual EMPI HPMX carbs, flame thrower full ignition, stainless push rod tubes with protectors, 200mm clutch, and solid subframe mounts.1969-vw-volkswagen-fastback-airsociety-013Tom’s final tweak came down to the wheels. The stock 15×5″ wide wheels were widened to 8″ out back, painted white, and wrapped with 205/65/15 tires.1969-vw-volkswagen-fastback-airsociety-015With the sun now setting on Tom’s journey, he was finally able to stand back and take in the wonder he had created. With help from Zach Frasier at Bag Riders, Blake Hathaway, and Justin Hoyt, he knew this one of a kind creation would lift him to new heights, and slam him to unbelievable lows.1969-vw-volkswagen-fastback-airsociety-001

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