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Purple Crush: Maxim Beauregard’s MK6 Golf R


Photos via Julien Dupont
The Québec Volkswagen scene has been one of the strongest in North America for over a decade. Most of the most sublime and radical rides that have ever graced the cover of Performance VW magazine were born in the garages and driveways of these French Canadian cities. When Valleyfield native Maxim Beauregard set off to make his mark in the world in his 2012 Golf R, he knew he couldn’t do it halfway.mk6-volkswagen-vw-golfr-golf-r-air-lift-vip-modular-bagged-airsociety-038Max was lucky to have made his first build moves during the summer of 2013, a full year before his debut at SoWo 2014. mk6-volkswagen-vw-golfr-golf-r-air-lift-vip-modular-bagged-airsociety-028Not looking to half-ass his build, Max’s first steps were to pick up an Air Lift air suspension kit and start chopping away the inches.mk6-volkswagen-vw-golfr-golf-r-air-lift-vip-modular-bagged-airsociety-016Tried, tested, and true, Maxim moved quickly to install his Autopilot V2 management system. A single VIAIR 400c air compressor proves powerful enough to fill up two 2.5-gallon air tanks which lift and lower the car via 1/4″ air lines.mk6-volkswagen-vw-golfr-golf-r-air-lift-vip-modular-bagged-airsociety-023Max’s next move came right before Waterfest 2013. He made a series of last-minute maneuvers to grab four 17″ BBS RS wheels which proved to bee too daring as he was left stranded on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike performing a daring bolt swap to keep the wheels on the hub while cars whizzed by mere feet away from his body.mk6-volkswagen-vw-golfr-golf-r-air-lift-vip-modular-bagged-airsociety-009Once back in Canada, Max knew he did not want to put his life in danger like that again. He took his time and made a phone call to VIP Modular Wheels to get a custom wheel setup carved that would prove to be both reliable and unique.mk6-volkswagen-vw-golfr-golf-r-air-lift-vip-modular-bagged-airsociety-007Before he knew it, two 18×9″ and 18×10″ VXS 210 3-piece wheels with Magic White faces were bolted onto his hub and he was on his way to completing his build.mk6-volkswagen-vw-golfr-golf-r-air-lift-vip-modular-bagged-airsociety-032When the subtle factory paint proved to not be loud enough for him, Max next moved to covering his car in purple vehicle wrap. This loud, yet tasteful aesthetic modification revolutionized the vibe of the car overnight.mk6-volkswagen-vw-golfr-golf-r-air-lift-vip-modular-bagged-airsociety-003After nearly a year of construction, Max was finally able to show off his creation in Helen, Georgia. This purple bullet stole the hearts of everyone who came across it, and crushed them when it tore off back into the mountainside.
Big thanks go out to Mickhael Clavo who started to love the VW car with Max, everybody who’s pushing the quality car scene in the Québec, and LowerDistrict.mk6-volkswagen-vw-golfr-golf-r-air-lift-vip-modular-bagged-airsociety-039

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