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The Moscow Murderer: Victor’s 2011 E300


Photos and words via Tim Keyton
Regardless of the distance between countries, and the different mentalities found in each one, we are still granted the ability of discovering something really inspirational and engaging in each new place we visit. Victor’s 2011 Mercedes-Benz E300 put Russia back on the map, and shines a light on a Russian air ride scene that is growing faster and faster each and every day.mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-007Victor is not a newcomer to the wheel fitment game. Last season, he slammed his ride as low as he could on his KW coilovers, but this proved to be more of a headache than a reliable daily driven car.mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-005With the summer nearing to and end, there were two essential points which driven into his head. First of all, the car needed a more classic approach to a wheel setup. Deciding to tackle this project first, he needed to find a wheel that would bring back the old school AMG Aero design style he was after.mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-006After weeks of searching, a set of RH AB Topline wheels surfaced in London, England but they were not nearly aggressive enough for Victor’s liking, so he quickly got a serious widening job underway. What began as a modest 19×8.5″ front and 19×10″ rear wheel setup quickly blew up into a 10″ wide front and 11.5″ wide rear behemoth thanks to four brand new Schmidt Radinox step lips.mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-002While the wheels were disassembled, the faces got a fresh polishing, and the bolts got plated in 24 karat gold. The first test fit proved to be too aggressive as the rear wheels jutted out of the fenders like crooked teeth. The fenders were pulled and the tires stretched even further and he finally got closer to the look he was looking for.mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-004The second essential point that Victor needed to address was the ride quality. Breaking his back driving on coilovers every day wasn’t going to cut it any more so he hit up Recast Workshop to get the job done. Front and rear Air Lift air springs went in on top of custom-made struts with camber plates to give him proper lows. A single 5-gallon air tank supplied via dual VIAIR 400c compressors was tacked on the ceiling of his trunk offering him maximum storage space on his daily drives.mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-003Making sure he was level at all times, Victor opted to install a complete AccuAir E-Level management system with a hidden VU-4 manifold.mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-010It is nearly impossible to convey in words the happiness when the car was aired out for the first time and the rear fitment was simply on point. He was so happy he went out and bought himself a set of Cocomats floor mats and hula girl on the back shelf; it was now his time to cruise in style.mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-008mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-009Victor would like to thank his wife Nadia for patience and understanding during his build, his team Halfroll Autosport for a huge support and help, and Recast Workshop for an outstanding work being made on the car.mercedes-benz-w212-e300-accuair-airlift-air-lift-suspension-rh-atb-topline-airsociety-001

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A short film from the recent Scene Media x Players BBQ held at Meguiars HQ in the UK. A fantastic afternoon with some cool cars, cool people and good food!