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Bavarian Lemonade: Plowy Wesley’s BMW E90 320d


Photos via Mike Crawat Photography | @MikeCrawatPhotography

There’s more to Belgium than chocolate and beer.  Nestled in the small town of Moorsele lies Plowy Wesley‘s BMW 320d, and it’s waking up more than just the to build a car that would not only handle and look great, but make him feel amazing; Plowy decided early on that he wanted to bag his called up RRAS in Belgium and almost instantly decided that the air suspension solution he needed for his car would have to be made guys at RRAS quickly mobilized and put together a one-off AP Coilover with an air spring in the place of the traditional coil spring. D2 camber plates were added on the front struts to allow for extra wiggle room when mounting his new looking to limit himself in the management department, Plowy went all in with a complete AccuAir E-Level & iLevel management system. Copper hard lines were custom bent and fitted between his VU-4 manifold, the dual ViAir 400c compressors and the single 5-gallon his efforts on the body was his next move. A BMW M-Technic front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts and CSL rear trunk were added on and accented with carbon splitters, carbon kidney grilles, and a rear carbon diffuser to give her a more track oriented look. The finishing touches came via a full Atacama Yellow respray that took the E90 from WOW! to POW! in less than a last thing needed to complete the overall look of Plowy’s 240d was a fresh set of wheels that would keep the car in motion even when parked. bmw-e90-accuair-vossen-cvt-airsociety-feature-bagged-air-suspension-009In came a Vossen Wheel air drop. 19×8.5″ front and 19×10″ rear Vossen CVT rollers complete the overall look and feel of this BMW like no his E90 now completed, Plowy was now able to stand back and smile at his creation. His car would now be a beacon to automotive enthusiasts everywhere as the car that put the Belgian BMW scene back on the

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