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General Motion: Brandon Loher’s 1966 Chevrolet C-10


Photos via John Dixon
The first Chevrolet pickup trucks started appearing in 1924 in the United States. “C” classification models indicated a two-wheel drive system while the “10” assignment would indicate a 1/2 ton truck. What started as a factory C-10 pickup would quickly evolved into Brandon Loher’s 1966 body dragging machine.1966-chevrolet-chevy-c10-accuair-conitech-airsociety-003A die-hard minitrucker at heart, Brandon began by picking up a clean ride that would be able to withstand the long journey needed to get to rock bottom.1966-chevrolet-chevy-c10-accuair-conitech-airsociety-004He began by stripping off the old, weathered paint and respraying the body flat white while coloring the bumper, grille, and roof House of Kolor Candy Red with flakes.1966-chevrolet-chevy-c10-accuair-conitech-airsociety-007He next moved onto overhauling the tired, old interior. Again, House of Kolor Candy Red was used to breathe new life into the dash, steering wheel and ceiling. Brand new red leather seats and door panels ensure his ass is firmly planted during long drives. Finalizing the red and white theme with a Budweiser beer tap as a shifter knob, Brandon was now ready to move onto the wheels.1966-chevrolet-chevy-c10-accuair-conitech-airsociety-00815 inch steel wheels painted Chinese Red were accented with chrome Impala hubcaps and white wall tires to offer a clean, yet subtle look, but a look without a drop isn’t very appealing at all.1966-chevrolet-chevy-c10-accuair-conitech-airsociety-002The stock rear suspension was retrofitted to house ContiTech 2,500-pound air spring and the front saw custom fabricated brackets in order to get the 2,600-pound ContiTech springs in place.1966-chevrolet-chevy-c10-accuair-conitech-airsociety-009Not wanting to cheap out on management, Brandon opted to install a full AccuAir E-Level solution that would manage his operations while driving with, or without a heavy load in tow.1966-chevrolet-chevy-c10-accuair-conitech-airsociety-005The best part of building this ride was the friends helping along the way. Brandon’s got big shout outs for his friends Trevor Basil, John and Jeff Dixon of Dead End Kustoms, and most importantly, his mother and father for putting up with all his crap.1966-chevrolet-chevy-c10-accuair-conitech-airsociety-001

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