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Event Coverage: Southern Worthersee 2014


Photos & Words via Julien Dupont
The drive down to Helen, Georgia from Montreal, Canada is one that feels like it’s lasting forever. During this drive, Julien Dupont had a lot of time to think over what his very first Southern Worthersee experience would be like and what kind of stories he would have by the end of his trip. Here’s how the event looked like through his eyes.southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-154Being a SoWo newbie, I spent the 18 hour drive with Maxim Beauregard excitedly talking about all the people we would meet and places we would visit. It only took about 20 minutes upon hitting the town of Helen that we decided to just say “fuck it” and wing it.southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-002Rolling into the city core, we were blown away by the Bavarian look and feel of the buildings and roads. The addition of thousands of German cars only added to the sense of wonder that we felt.southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-199southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-010We knew we had to take in as much of the festivities as we could so we hit up some Helendorf Inn parking lot parties.southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-074southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-080southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-067The parties were off the hook and everything about them reminded me of all those spring break movies that we see in theatres. Tons of people who I had only ever heard of or seen on Instagram were now trading shots with me and partying hardcore until sunrise.southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-076southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-009southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-219We sobered up enough to hit up the actual Southern Worthersee event. The show was packed with tons of Volkswagens, Audis, Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes-Benz, and even a few non-euro cars.southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-004southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-047I know that my opinion isn’t one of the most popular ones, but I really didn’t like the way that some people hated on the Japanese cars. I understand that SoWo is a VW/Audi show and the tons of non-Euro cars that come to hang out, but it really turned me off to see a person go so far as to throw a beer into someone’s car while they were rolling, splashing his wife and baby in the back seat. That was totally not cool.southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-186southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-045The police seemed to be pretty cool with all the spectators until kids on the street started yelling at every car driving by to do a burnout. When drivers began getting rowdy and started revving their motors as loud as they possibly could, the cops shut down the main road resulting in mad traffic in the city. It was at this time Maxim and I knew our time was up and it was time to head back to Montreal.southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-133southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-215southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-140southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-003southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-118The 18 hour drive back to Canada was one that gave us a lot of time to rest, and appreciate the hard work that went into putting together this killer car show. I can’t wait to go back next year!southern-worthersee-sowo-2014-airsociety-028

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