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Engineered to Perform: Tyler Hsu’s Aston Martin DB9


Initially launched with a 6.0L V12 engine, 6-speed manual gearbox rear-mounted and driven by a carbon-fiber tail shaft inside a cast aluminium torque tube pushing out 450 hp and 420 lb·ft of torque, the only thing that Tyler Hsu saw that needed immediate attention was the ride height.SONY DSCHaving experienced the rough roads of Canada while away on his studies, the Changhua, Taiwan’s busy and broken streets have taken a huge toll on Tyler’s back over the years which is why he first decided to bag his Chrysler 300C Touring.SONY DSCLoving the slammed look of his 300, Tyler knew none of his other cars would ever be cursed with wheel gap ever again. It was now time to find an air suspension manufacturer that was as passionate about performance & looks as he was. It was at this moment that AirREX came into the picture.SONY DSCHaving known Dizzy Lin of AirREX for years as a close neighbor, Tyler knew that if anyone could make his vision of bagging his Aston martin a reality, Dizzy could.SONY DSCAs the wheels came off, and the standard static shocks and springs were removed, Dizzy realized he needed to make considerable improvements to the suspension.SONY DSCStrengthened and modified RUFF control arms were needed to make sure the new AirREX shocks would have a proper place to sit in the underside of the car. While the control arms were out, all the stock bushings were changed to upgraded pillow balls to ensure his setup would last under hard-driving conditions.SONY DSCNext on the to-do list was the installation of the dampening adjustable shocks and air springs.SONY DSCRunning air lines from each of the four corners to the AirREX AMS all-in-one management box in the trunk, this out of the box solution was now ready to lift and lower Tyler’s car to proper driving & parking heights.SONY DSCTurning his attention on the wheel setup, Tyler knew he had didn’t want an over the top or extremely modern wheel. This is why he opted for a set of custom-built 19×9.5″ front and 19×11″ rear OZ Futura wheels refurbished with quality in mind.SONY DSCStanding back at his car, Tyler was now confident that this unique Aston Martin could not only be crowned the first DB9 imported into Taiwan from the United States, but that it was most certainly the first bagged one in the world.SONY DSCBig thanks go out from Tyler to his good friend Dizzy from AirREX for achieving what some would call not only impossible, but unthinkable.SONY DSC

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