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Coppertone: After Hours Bikes’ Rat Chopper


Photos via Tadd Fisher
Nothing depicts the American dream better than cruising down the interstate with the sun’s orange glow reflecting off the horizon, and the sound of throaty carbs humming underneath you. This dream came to life thanks to a one of a kind creation by After Hours Bikes.afterhours-bikes-air-ride-rat-chopper-copper-rust-airsociety-005Having always set goals of building unique, one-off bikes, this team of artisans set to work to capture the essence of two-wheeled motoring with enough of a twist to set it apart from the rest of their lineup.afterhours-bikes-air-ride-rat-chopper-copper-rust-airsociety-004The project began with a custom stretched frame that housed a fully chromed 131 cubic inch Ultima engine with Stromburg carburetors mated to a custom 6-speed transmission.afterhours-bikes-air-ride-rat-chopper-copper-rust-airsociety-006Breaking the norm whenever possible, the boys next moved toward fabricating a unique copper fuel tank and front and rear fenders. Hammering everything out of sheets of the orange hued 1/8″ thick metal proved to be one of the most rewarding parts of the build.afterhours-bikes-air-ride-rat-chopper-copper-rust-airsociety-001Finding unique accent pieces proved to be the next big challenge for the gang. Luckily, they happened across a large brass antique headlight sourced from a 1909 Essex for the front light and a copper tail light from a vintage Ford Model T for the rear. If you run your eyes down the sleek curvaceous frame of the bike, you’ll notice the clever use of a brake disc as a custom seat!afterhours-bikes-air-ride-rat-chopper-copper-rust-airsociety-007Getting her to sit low was the next project. An I-Beam front fork combined with an in-house fabricated air cylinder setup got this bike sitting pretty in no time flat.afterhours-bikes-air-ride-rat-chopper-copper-rust-airsociety-002The final touch to the bike came via a pair of eye grabbing, custom copper plated Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 wheels by Mad Wheels. The project was now complete and ready to roll.
Big up to the boys at After Hours Bikes for a completely different and beautiful project and Tadd fisher for the great pics!

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