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One Hundred Club: Ken Stevens’ 1972 Audi 100LS


Photos via Drew Osumi
There is something elegant in taking a rare 1972 Audi 100LS and bringing it down to 2014 standards. When Ken Stevens started this journey, he had no clue just how difficult it would be to carry out.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-008In the beginning, Ken dreamed of finding a source of automotive entertainment that would not only compliment his big turbo B5 S4, but satisfy him in a whole other way. So began his journey to find the perfect vintage cruiser.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-015After weeks of searching, Ken was tipped off that tucked away in a barn on the outskirts of town was a near mint old school Audi coupe. He knew he had to take a closer look.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-017In storage for over 18 years, this C1 was in dire need of a loving owner to give her new legs to stand on… and a set of new shoes while at it.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-016Racing down the highway in a 1.8L 4 cylinder engine didn’t put the same kind of thump in Ken’s chest like his S4, but it did give him a whole new feeling of freedom. He immediately placed a call to Rotiform for a set of tailored wheels to compliment the car’s classic factory lines.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-021The 17×7″ gold center powder coated LHR wheels that were machined fresh for his new 100 turned out to be a bigger hit than he ever dreamed of, he just needed a way to raise and lower his car to keep them from smashing his fenders.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-013Ken knew from the beginning he would be swapping out the stock springs to air suspension the minute he heard the car existed, the only problem was finding a way the best way to getting it done.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-012Thanks to the gang at Stone Fab, each corner saw a brand new Slam Specialties rubber air spring make its way onto custom fabricated mounts. Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-007Chopping and grinding away any form of resistance allowed for a neat and tidy install of a brand new AccuAir E-Level management system. Dual ViAir 400c compressors sit alongside twin 3-gallon aluminum tanks fitted with hard lines.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-014Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-018Now that she was all dolled up, Ken’s Audi 100LS was finally able to make him smile. Keeping the cruiser on standby for whenever big turbos don’t cut it, he finally has the best of both worlds.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-004Big thanks go out to Stone Fab, Specialty Suspension, AccuAir, Becausebags, and Rotiform for pumping out such incredible products, as well as Drew Osumi for snapping these shots.Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-006Audi-100-AirSociety-Air-Lift-AccuAir-Rotiform-Bagged-Suspension-009

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