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The Midori Mixer: Hideki Fernandez’s 1996 Honda Civic


Photos via Peter Graca | PerfectStance
The one thing that air suspension is able to do is to unite automotive fans of differing makes and models under a common umbrella of respect.  Hideki Fernandez lives and breathes this ideology that he channeled into his 1996 Honda Civic Danbury, Connecticut native grew up from humble beginnings and learned at an early age to appreciate things that he owned as they might not be around’s appreciation for his Midori Green Honda Civic showed off when he decided to carefully trade in his stock bumpers for a set of front and rear factory SIR it in the family, next up came a set of tasteful Integra Type R front seats coupled to a pair of Takata 4 point safety harnesses for good course, now that the bodywork was down, Hideki needed a set of rollers that truly accented the subtly hyped up exterior. In came a set of 16×9″ Klutch Wheels SL1 with custom offsets to get that perfect wheel to preserve his freshly painted body for as long as possible, Hideki knew he needed to get air ride. Out went a phone call to Bag Riders and before he knew it he was knee-deep in Air Lift air suspension complete EK Civic kit full front and rear air suspension alongside Air Lift’s Autopilot V2 management, 3/8″ air lines, a 5-gallon skinny tank, and single ViAir 440c compressor shortly made their way onto his ride to complete the project he started months thanks go out to VRaceWorks out of NYC for all the help putting this ride together, Peter Graca for being not only a killer photographer but great friend, his boy Earl for the non-stop help whenever he needed it, and finally (and most importantly) Hideki’s family for supporting his dreams and

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