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Avalanche: Adam Gottron’s 2001 Audi TT 225


Photos via Adam Gottron
When we last saw Adam Gottron, he was behind the wheel of a modest MK5 Volkswagen GTI. One year later, Adam has outdone himself yet again with yet another tastefully modified 2001 Audi TT 20-year-old design student from Columbus, Ohio has been infatuated with the automotive industry since he was a teenager and adopted much of what he learned from tweaking his VW into slamming his new to build a car that really made people say “WHOA!” by combining a white body with the rare ALMS red leather interior seats and panels, Adam’s first step was to hunt down a MK1 TT in decent enough condition to start proper body OEM Votex front bumper mated to S-Line side skirts, rear spoiler, and bumper were all sourced and resprayed Dodge Viper white alongside the rest of the the time to source the ALMS red leather interior proved to be difficult, but not impossible. Once he found it, he added a classic twist via a wooden Nardi steering came an upgraded set of rollers. Having already had a bit of experience with customizing existing wheels thanks to his widened BBS RS’, Adam opted to go for a completely custom wheel solution this time quick call to CCW was all that was needed to get him a set of 18×9″ front and 18×10″ rear bronze powdercoated LM5T that the hard work was over, it was time for the easy part. Coming from having a great air suspension solution in his GTI, Adam immediately pounced on a set of Air Lift Slam Specialties air bags for the everything within the family was a no-brainer as well and as such came an Autopilot V2 management to control the air pressure stemming from his single ViAir 280c compressor and 3-gallon tank all hidden deep within his spare tire his passion for design with his knowledge of automobiles has proven to be yet another winning combination for to the help from his friends and family at Lowcally Famous, the guys at Foreign Exchange, and most importantly, his parents and girlfriend Lauryn, Adam can now confidently make his mark on the world in

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