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Ruby Black: Flavio Marcone’s 1992 Volkswagen GTi


Photos via Rick Di Corpo
What started off as a minor drop in height and a change of wheels to a 1992 Volkswagen GTi, quickly turned into a build that would take Flavio Marcone on a tour across the East coast of North America.mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-001When Flavio picked up this MK2, he thought he was getting a proper body to work with. A simple VR6 swap and coilover drop seemed like a good base to get the ball rolling with, but it turned out he had bought a lemon.mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-007The more he drove it, the more he realized something was off. Once Vitali at Strasse Autowerks took it apart it turned out that there was more rot than a compost heap.mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-008They stripped her down to bare metal and cutting, welding, and patching up any rust spot in sight. Flavio also took this time to completely shave the engine bay, delete the rain tray, smooth out the radiator support, and swap in a Golf Rallye front end conversion.mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-004Not caring about staying within the norms, he made the move to repaint his GTi a factory BMW color called Ruby Black.There was no turning back now, Flavio and Vitali made the leap and took apart the heart of this beast by swapping out the old motor and replacing it with a MK4 R32 engine. While under construction, the engine block was painted wrinkle black and the intake and transmission painted millennium silver. mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-013An ECS tuning lightweight pulley kit, Peloquin LSD, C2 Motorsport ECU reflash, 6 puck ceramic custom clutch and 7 pound lightweight flywheel completely revolutionized the feel of this compact car overnight.mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-011The old interior was next to go and completely original 16v front seats and door panels were swapped in. The pièce de résistance came via a Momo Montecarlo steering wheel and body color matched full roll cage.mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-009Focusing his sights on the wheels, Flavio next opted to completely rebuild a set of 15″ OZ Turbo wheels to his liking. Widening them to 9″ up front and 9.5″ out back thanks to a set of 3″ and 3.5″ Radinox lips, Flavio knew he hit the ball on the head with this setup.mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-003Barely completing his project on time for Eurokracy in Montréal, Flavio ended up walking away with the Finest MK2 award and a grin from ear to ear.mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-006Taking his Ruby Black MK2 on a trip to H2Oi in 2013, Flavio knew he had built something special after parking centre stage at Air Affair next to his boys from 2LO Crew. He realized that by building his MK2, he didn’t just build a killer ride for himself, but built new friendships as well.mk2-gti-air-lift-airsociety-oz-bagged-stance-005

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