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Rising Sun: Sinz’ D21 Nissan Hardbody


Photos via Yuu Mori
In a land that values honor and tradition above all else, lies a 1994 Nissan Hardbody owner unlike any other. Hokkaido, Japan native Sinz built this Bosozuku inspired hauler that’s making waves all the way on the other side of the the beginning Sinz knew he wanted to fit massively wide wheels inside the fender arches of this timeless pickup. nissan-d21-hardbody-bbs-rs-bagged-air-ride-stance-airsociety-003Knowing that the stock solid rear axle would need to go, the question came when it was time to find suspension components to replace it. The answer came from another Nissan vehicle that was no stranger to Godzilla sized complete Nissan CG10 semi-trailing arm rear suspension was fit on while the front end saw a re-welding of the control arms to allow for more next onto the body, Sinz decided that the best way to accent the D21 body lines would be via a front-end swap from a 1986 Nissan Pathfinder. The donor Pathfinder also gave up her rear bumper, and widened front fenders offering a truly unique shape to this custom he’d be chopping up the suspension to begin with, there would be no easy way to get this pickup bagged. Sinz moved forward with a set of Firestone 255C rubber air springs and fabricated custom mounts for them to sit on. Opting to go with a manual paddle valve management setup hooked up to a 5-gallon tank, he knew he’d built something special. He just needed the cherry on the cake to finish her his new 5-lug conversion came the opportunity to slap on a set of truly unique rollers. Grabbing a nearby set of 17″ BBS RS wheels, Sinz proceeded to tear them apart and swap the lips to 3″ up front and 4″ out back offering a staggered solution unlike any Sinz set off to send a new style of pickup into the world, he never knew just how widespread his creation would be loved. Looking to build upon the success of this D21 Nissan Hardbody, we’re anxiously hoping the next creation to be produced from Hokkaido comes with the same attention to

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