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Blue Demon: Sergio Da Silva’s MK6 Jetta TDI


When Sergio first picked up his 2013 Volkswagen Jetta, he did so with the belief that this car would be more than just the average show car.  Feeling that the 2013 summer Volkswagen event calendar season would be his soap box to show the world what he was made of, he set off on his mission to build a complete vision of perfection he has dreamed about since he was young.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-006Knowing he wanted to make a big statement right off the bat, Sergio picked up a fresh fifteen52 R-Line front bumper and painstakingly worked to get it to fit like a OEM bumper should. Impressed by the OEM+ look and feel of the bumper, he next moved to grab a few more factory goodies to set his ride over the edge.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-001A OEM MK6 Jetta GLI rear bumper, GLI side skirts and trunk spoiler were next to be added onto his car. The aggressive nature of the front and rear ends were now tied perfectly together, seamlessly.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-014While everything might have seemed perfectly in its place to the casual observer, Sergio’s experience in the Volkswagen event circuit told him that he needed more of a punch to his ride.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-002A brand new color for 2013, Avery Graphics Supreme Lagoon Blue vehicle wrap was the only option Sergio needed to see before ordering a roll. Needing less than 4 days to apply the vinyl, Kia and Mo from Montreal Auto Lounge worked day and night to get this vinyl application just right.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-012Sergio’s lust for gold didn’t only come with his dream of being at the top of the aftermarket scene, it also came via a set of custom Avant Garde wheels.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-004Fresh 18×9 front and 18×10 rear F240 3-piece splits with Bullion Gold dipped centres saw their way onto his nearly completed ride and were shimmed to nearly 2 degrees of negative camber out back thanks to two stacks of Black Forest Industries shims.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-013To put the icing on his big blue frosty cake, Sergio moved to bag his ride with an anodized blue AirREX air suspension kit mated to an AccuAir E-Level air suspension management system. A 5-gallon aluminum skinny tank holding all the air pumped out by dual ViAir 440c compressors complete the back-end management and offer peace of mind to a man who daily drives this show stopper.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-011After months of hard work, Sergio was able to finally take his ride to H2Oi 2013 and showcase it at the AirSociety/Bag Riders booth where it turned heads all weekend long.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-010With the 2013 show calendar now over, who knows what surprises Sergio will have for Eurokracy 2014. mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-007Big thanks go out to not only Auto World Design for getting the wrap done in the nick of time, but to Strasse Autowerks for installing and troubleshooting the air suspension setup.mk6-jetta-fifteen52-airrex-agwheels-avantgarde-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-008

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