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AccuAir: B8 Audi Air Suspension Redefined


A long-held stigma against air suspension has been that although a slammed car looks phenomenal, owners sacrifice functional performance in order to get them driving so low. AccuAir Suspension succeeds in beating that notion into the ground with the launch of their new B8 Audi air-spring suspension platform.accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-006The same zero compromise mission statement that propelled their E-Level management system to acclaimed success now drives AccuAir’s development team toward a solution that not only looks good, but performs better.accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-005Built for chewing through sharp canyon roads, the new AccuAir B8 Audi air spring solution offers specifications comparable to most high-end coilovers.accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-004When put to the test at Motor Trend’s test facility at Fontana, California, the B8 air spring platform provided 0.99g of lateral acceleration prompting editor Scott Mortara to write:

“[…] the initial turn-in was better than the coilovers, all the way through the corner and especially on the exit. I’ll drive the air suspension everyday.”

accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-003The 100% bolt-on solution offers 3-segment spring perch adjustment on both the front and rear achieving optimal ride dynamics regardless of wheel/tire size. Extended suspension travel gives maximum vehicle functionality no matter the incline or bend that is faced (4” total travel front / 6” rear).accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-011Each air spring was designed to integrate seamlessly with factory front and rear dampers for a no-nonsense, factory warranty safe, easy install that provides reliable operation for the life of the vehicle.accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-007accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-008Another new release from AccuAir for 2014 is a bolt-on air management bracket setup that hides much of the VU-4 valve, compressor, and air lines underneath the trunk floor in the spare tire area.accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-012Designed to be used in conjunction with both E-Level and Switchspeed equipped vehicles, this new mounting setup offers a cleaner approach to the traditional eXo Mount bracket system.accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-010With the ever-changing aftermarket automotive industry veering closer to form-fitting aesthetics, it’s great to see manufacturers like AccuAir taking the effort to ensure that a quality driving experience does not need to be sacrificed in order to achieve the ultimate parking height.accuair-b8-audi-air-suspension-ride-e-level-bagged-airsociety-002

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