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Best of Low: Julien Dupont’s MK6 Golf


When blood, sweat and tears are mixed with raw metal and passion, the results can be extremely rewarding. Julien Dupont spent much of this summer building his 2011 Golf 2.5 Sportline to a level that was noticed not just locally, but internationally. mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-002At first, Julien wasn’t too sure if he wanted to buy a standard GTI or a fully equipped Golf. What sealed the deal for him was the 2.5L motor and the laid back look of the Golf versus the sporty look of the GTI. mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-001With a vision of a finished product in his mind, Julien moved forward with his project. Starting with his rollers, he picked up a set of 17″ Work Carving Stark II wheels and proceeded to take them apart and build them up to a 9″ width up front and 10″ width out back. mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-004Custom chromed faces and center caps contrast against black barrels sealed the deal with this one of a kind wheel setup, the only worry now was how much body work would he have to go through to get them to fit inside his fenders? The answer: a lot. Opting to then wrap his car in 3M 1080 Light Ivory vinyl at Montreal Auto Lounge helped not only protect his paint, but set him apart from all other MK6 Golfs this season.mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-006Once the wheels sat as they should, Julien moved onto the interior. The stock cloth seats were replaced with Katzkin Tuscany Amaretto leather cow hide while the door panels, arm rest and shifter boot all saw fresh amaretto leather wrapping make their way on board. mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-015All plastic trims were covered in 3M textured wood grain vinyl while the rear seat was removed to make room for a matching hardwood floor.mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-013Fitting panels of hardwood securely in the rear of his car was difficult enough without securing a custom 5-gallon chrome air tank as well. mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-016Being a full-time licensed plumber gave Julien a huge edge when it came to the custom chrome 1/4″ hard lines that needed to see their way into a carefully mapped out arrangement out back.mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-003Opting for a tried, tested and true air suspension manufacturer meant only one thing: Air Lift. A quick call to Bag Riders quickly sent a full Autopilot V2 managed care package to his front door and before he knew it he was down and out.mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-009Air Lift Slam Series front struts mated with Slam Specialties rear bags and Koni shocks to offer a truly rewarding driving and parking experience.mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-014With the 2013 VW show season almost over, Julien can rest easy knowing that he picked up not only the Best of Low award at Air Affair but a coveted Golden Ticket at Afterfest. Without the help from his friends at Strasse Autowerks, Bag Riders for helping repair his ride at Waterfest, Volkswagen Laurentides, and 2LOcrew, Paul at, Julien knows that his ride would probably be just another blip on the map.mk6-golf-work-carving-stark-air-lift-airlift-bagged-suspension-airsociety-stance-012

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