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Beauty and the Beast: Kseniya’s 2011 Audi RS5


Photos via Vilen Sharifov
Words via Danil Zaharov
It’s no secret that with the abundance of affordable air suspension solutions on the market, the variety of cars that can be slammed has grown. Kseniya saw a beauty in this new culture and insisted on bagging her 2011 Audi RS5 almost as soon as she bought it.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-003An image of power and strength for sports car enthusiasts for years, the “RS” line of Audi vehicles is seen as more of a speed class than a show class. Kseniya’s eye for beauty saw past this stereotype and decided to use perfect lines of legendary RS5 to its full potential by adding a series of several simple modifications.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-002The first steps down her journey took her to Rub ‘n Roll for a one of a kind air ride setup. The air suspension doesn’t just make a unique look for the RS5, but also improves handling and stability in her opinion which is important for these kind of cars.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-005Air Lift air springs were mated to custom fabricated front struts were hand crafted with special attention to the weight and size of the RS5 in particular.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-008Looking to make sure she had a quality management setup was important for the gang at Rub ‘n Roll as well which focused the team on only one solution: AccuAir.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-006A top of the line E-Level and iLevel management contained inside of an eXo Mount trunk setup with dual ViAir 400c compressors connected to a single 5-gallon aluminum tank combined perfect height with perfect handling.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-001Focusing on finding a brand of wheel that accented the hard exterior would prove to be easier than first anticipated thanks to Vossen.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-01020×10.5 Vossen CV4 wheels wrapped in thick 295/30/20 Yokohama tires made some of her friends worry about whether or not she would hit the fender whenever she turned her wheels. Kseniya’s response is rather simple: “I have never had an issue with tires rubbing on my fenders, even though I ride pretty low. I think this is because of a good suspension. It combines ride comfort and stiffness. It’s probably even better than original Drive Select.”2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-013The reality is that Kseniya is a very calm driver, but even she knows that one doesn’t buy an RS5 without unleashing all 450 ponies from time to time. Sometimes after a long day of work, she allows herself the pleasure of feeling the full power capabilities of her car out on the Russian highways.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-007Future plans include upgrading the rear brakes and adding a couple of small aesthetic details.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-012We can only imagine how many necks break whenever a beautiful girl like Kseniya pulls up next to drivers behind the wheel of such a classy car. We want to thank our photographer Vilen Sharifov him for the images and to Kseniya for allowing us the pleasure of reviewing her beautiful RS5.2013-audi-rs5-air-lift-airlift-accuair-bagged-vossen-cv4-airsociety-011

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