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Monthly archives: July 2013


Rauh Welt Begriff Manila: Part 3

The third installment of RWB Manila looks at the building of the third custom Porsche chopped by Car Porn Racing soon to be bagged on AirREX and AccuAir Suspenion. Part 1 and Part 2 available.


Waterfest & Afterfest 2013 by Flipzco

Flipzco heads out to Englishtown, NJ not just for Waterfest 19, but to find out what all the rumors about Afterfest were all about. They didn’t leave disappointed!


Afterfest 2014 by Los Goonies

The Goons hit up Afterfest at Waterfest 19. Afterfest Organized by AirSociety and Eurokracy was an awesome event, they brought back life to Waterfest. It is an event that should be organized every year. Plain and Simple Cant wait till H2Oi!

Beauty and the Beast: Kseniya's 2011 Audi RS5

Photos via Vilen Sharifov Words via Danil Zaharov It’s no secret that with the abundance of affordable air suspension solutions on the market, the variety of cars that can be slammed has grown. Kseniya saw a beauty in this new culture and insisted on bagging her 2011 Audi RS5 almost as soon as she bought it.An image of power and strength for sports car enthusiasts for years, the “RS” line […]


Rauh Welt Begriff Manila: Part 2

Following up on the first part of RWB Manilla’s ambitious goals, Part 2 progresses on finishing the AirREX and AccuAir Suspension bagged Porsche 993 and 964 named Victoria and Akira By Car Porn Racing.


Eurokracy 2013 by Unitronic

Growing year by year, Unitronic has been title sponsor for Eurokracy since it’s inception and we did not stop this year! Moving a new venue in Napierville, Eurokracy returned this year bigger and better than ever. The turnout was great, and we had a blast – thanks to everyone that came out and helped make this years Eurokracy the biggest VAG gathering in Canada – we cannot wait for next […]