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Turbo Fan: FLGNTLT’s Audi A7


Photos via FLGNTLT / FelgenOutlet
Across the pond a mere 10 hour flight away in beautiful Germany, lies a true jewel for any automotive enthusiast: Andrea Grossoehme and Eugene Lods’ Audi A7. audi-a7-messer-turbo-fan-bagyard-bagged-flgntlt-felgenoutlet-airsociety-002The last time we took a look at this car it looked quite a bit different. With Wörthersee, Europe’s largest gathering of Volkswagen and Audis approaching they had to make a move and up their game once sporty modern fastback styling cues of the A7 reminiscent of classics from the 50s saw a more aggressive Audi S7 face swap transforming this luxury ride into a unique attention grabber; but for the boys at FelgenOutlet it just wasn’t next order of business was wrapping the vehicle with a roll of Avery Supreme Matte Garnet Red Metallic vehicle wrap. This shocking yet elegant transformation allows for an Audi A7 that truly differentiates itself from all suspension setup has remained relatively unchanged since the previous iteration. Thanks to the boys at Bagyard in neighboring Austria, a complete air suspension kit coupled with Bilstein shocks and AccuAir E-Level management was sourced thus ensuring this car not only drives low but will also park final touch on the FLGNTLT A7 came via a set of custom, 20×10″ 3-piece ME03-03 Messer Turbo-Fan deep concave wheels. This unique and fresh wheel design bridges the gap between vintage full faced wheels and modern engineering to offer a stunning wheel that is more artwork than a functional piece of unique shape and design of the wheels give the rear end of this ride a lip biting look while parked and offer visual pornography while in all, FLGNTLT has reinvented a once unique Audi A7 into a functional street the assistance of Carart in Germany, the crew over at Bagyard and of course Messer for adding that final touch of perfection to the car, this fastback would be lost in a sea of traditionalism. We can’t wait to see what they produce next!audi-a7-messer-turbo-fan-bagyard-bagged-flgntlt-felgenoutlet-airsociety-013

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