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Three cars, Two Bridges, One Love


Photos via Vinny Castrogivanni & Ryan Rosenberg
Words via Gary De Jesus
brooklyn-bridge-sick-3sdm-desmond-bmw-audi-vw-limkv-airsociety-wfsu-ryan1The urban roads of New York City are known as some of the worst out there. Few locales can offer streets with surfaces so constantly travelled and feebly repaired. Needless to say, navigating around these unforgiving areas requires the utmost attention, one wheel placed offline and an oil pan can quickly become an oil sieve. Unfortunately, lowering a car past the point of practicality has always been a deterrent from seeking the roads less travelled.airsociety-ny-bagged-bombers-nyc-line-up-brooklyn-air-lift-jetta-yellow-lights-traffic-bag-riders-vinny7After beaching your car a number of times or making sub-frame replacements a “maintenance” item, the life of being slammed on an adjustable coil-over suspension can becoming a tiring affair. One sniff of air was all it took and quickly we found that to enjoy both slamming and preserving our vehicles, thinking beyond the spring was necessary.brooklyn-bridge-sick-3sdm-desmond-bmw-audi-vw-limkv-airsociety--lights-art-wfsu-ryan4In a way, these streets feel alive; they are always teaming with life and even some poor weather couldn’t keep a diehard from venturing out onto the moist tarmac.
airsociety-bagged-bombers-nyc-line-up-brooklyn-air-lift-jetta-yellow-bag-riders-vinny5Brooklyn has long attracted enthusiasts such as Vinny Castrogiavani, Ryan Rosenberg and myself(Gary DeJesus). The “old city” vibe of west Brooklyn, specifically the “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge” area is an ideal setting for photos. Initially what was planned as a meeting at 53rd & 6th Ave for some late night Halal, somehow ended up turning a detour into an impromptu photo shoot.airsociety-bagged-3sdm--brooklyn-air-lift-jetta-yellow-bag-riders-vinny3airsociety-bagged-brooklyn-air-lift-jetta-yellow-bag-riders-desmonds-vinny4airsociety-bagged-brooklyn-air-lift-jetta-yellow-bag-riders-vinny2You see, Vinny, Ryan, and I met each other through a small car club known as ‘Long Island MKV’, or LIMKV, a group dedicated to bringing 5th generation VW’s together. LIMKV has been around for a couple of years now, but it has become less about MKVs and more about a bunch of friends getting together; comradery over cars.brooklyn-bridge-sick-3sdm-desmond-bmw-audi-vw-limkv-airsociety--lights-art-wfsu--vignette-ryan5airsociety-bagged-bombers-nyc-line-up-brooklyn-air-lift-jetta-yellow-bag-riders-vinny5Both Ryan and I have since lost our MKV’s in accidents; our blood sweat and tears quickly blindsided and washed away. Despite the loses, the bonds we share with our friends can never be eroded and our friends helped turn tragedy to triumph.airsociety-bagged-3sdm-air-lift-accuair-traffic-bombers-nyc-line-up-brooklyn-air-lift-jetta-yellow-bag-riders-vinny8Ryan’s A5, Vinny’s GLI, and my Beetle, while all a definitive style in their own, are all equipped with air ride suspension. We couldn’t be happier about the practicality and ride comfort that air suspension has brought to our rides.brooklyn-bridge-sick-3sdm-desmond-bmw-audi-vw-limkv-airsociety-wfsu-ryan2These air-ride setups let us travel through Brooklyn’s toughest cobblestone roads without fear (outside bending a wheel), all for a couple of shots by some of New York’s Landmarks. Maybe in a way, the bridges symbolize the connections we make with our car buddies, indestructible ties between friends with common interests. If anything, they were our link to great friends and delicious street meat!airsociety-stretchandpoke-desmonds-bagged-bombers-nyc-line-up-brooklyn-air-lift-jetta-yellow-bag-riders-vinny6

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