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Origin of the Species: Jake Reining’s Genesis Coupe


Photos via Peter Terry

Some projects begin with air ride and wheels and don’t move further while other projects seem to never end. That’s exactly the case with Jake Reining’s guilty pleasure; his 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 T Track Edition is a constant work in the first to bag a Genesis coupe was not enough for Jake, he quickly fell in love with the sporty body style and opted to add his own personal touch to it. hyundai-genesis-coupe-blonix-snowflake-airrex-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-006After scrapping several ideas and after many hours of brain-storming with Crisp of Crisp Customs in Amarillo Texas, a BASF R-M Custom Cement Gray with blue metallic pearl paint job was applied after an extreme fender pull went through to get meaty wheels and tires to sit comfortably lapping the car one day, Jake wanted to make sure that his Gen coupe would not only look good but function just as well. A TurboXS GT kit with a Garrett GTX2867 turbo and in-house tune paired up with Turbox XS stealth turbo back exhaust and intercooler make this stage 3 beast a force not to messed came a HC Racing carbon fiber hood and VIS carbon trunk that were installed to save weight. Sarona side skirts and rear diffuser add more eye candy while Spec D2 headlights paired with HID’s light the way at night. hyundai-genesis-coupe-blonix-snowflake-airrex-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-001The cockpit was refurnished with a Custom Dooney & Bourke upholstered interior, Corbeau 3″ Pro FX1 seats to keep him locked down through high-speed cornering as well as an ear shattering Infiniti sound system to keep the beats final touch to this car was an extremely rare set of double staggered 19×9″ and 20×10.5″ Blonix Snowflakes. These being the very first set of only 3 ever made, people have a hard time of just taking their eyes off them!hyundai-genesis-coupe-blonix-snowflake-airrex-bagged-air-ride-suspension-airsociety-002Keeping this beauty aired out on the show circuits are a set of 12-way adjustable AirREX struts and bags. ForjWorks basic analog paddle management control the air coming out of a custom painted 4-gallon tank mated to dual ViAir 380c compressors via 1/4″ knows that without the support of his amazing wife Cindi, and Paul and Marshall at ForjWorks/AirREX, his ride would be nowhere near as bad addition, without his sponsors a build of this level would not have happened so big thanks to Raj, Mark and Jermaine at TurboXS, Glenn at ProSport Gauges, Brian at BASF R-M paint, Conn at Competition Clutch, Janoy at Blonix Wheels, Stan at Toyo Tires, Jamie at Amsoil, Carlos at SSP Vinyl, Sarah at Mishimoto, Mike at Import Shark, Paul at Diode Dynamics, Bryan at Motorsports Authority, Andrew at Corbeau Seats, Chris at Deatschwerks, Khris Uy for all his help with SEMA and everything else, and Shawn at

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