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Cold Forged: Cobey Bingham’s Skyline V35 350GT


Photos via Byron Hayes
Whenever a monster surfaces from the sea to take over a coastal city, people usually think of Japan. In order for Cobey Bingham to get a taste of destruction into the Gold Coast of Australia, he had to import his mini Godzilla straight from the to pay his bills in school, Cobey had to scrape by eating a lot of noodles before he picked up enough cash to import a 2003 Nissan Skyline V35 350GT. The big problem came once it landed as it looked God awful, but it had a ton of potential which was all he’s first move was to a more practical approach to getting his car up and down his driveway. Knowing that he wanted to be the first bagged Skyline in Australia didn’t hold him back any bit after speaking with the folks at AirREX Australian car modification laws mean that the AccuAir E-Level management, dual ViAir 400c compressors and 5 gallon tanks need to be hidden deep into his spare wheel well in his increased the quality of his Skyline’s suspension, Cobey needed to increase the quality of his car’s exterior. An Inven front bumper, a pair of 
Impul side skirts
, a carbon fibre Nismo rear diffuser and front lip, 
custom carbon fibre ducktail trunk lid, carbon craft tinted mirrors, 
2006 JDM upgraded tail lights with boot release
, and 2007 JDM HID projector Headlights set her off just that the bodywork was done, it was onto what some might say is the most important part of the car: the×10.5″ Work VS-FX wheels made their way onto each corner of Cobey’s V35 bolted on with a set of Blox steel neochrome the dust settles and the tide washes the carnage out to sea, it’s safe to say that one of the last things standing will be Cobey Bingham’s Skyline V35 350GT. Without the help of all the Crew at Streetkarnage, AirREX Air Suspension Australia for supplying and installing the bag kit, MCA Suspension for additional help, and Forge Wheels this Skyline would have been lost at

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